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This is a self-bondage fantasy and is my first attempt at writing any type of fiction - let alone bondage fiction. If anyone finds this enjoyable to read, or has suggestions - particularly in the area of self-bondage, please respond and let me know. Helpful hints are always appreciated. Sorry, I am not into whippings, lashings, enemas, or any type of severe S&M - my interests are only in the pleasure the bindee can get from the art of good bondage. For anyone who cares to pass along hints, both in the way of scenarios and bondage tips - particularly self-bondage tips if you have any - just download an ASCII text file to this BBS titled "BIND1.TXT" or something similar - just start with BIND so I know I should look at it. Enjoy! "Mmmpppfff !" was the only sound Sally could make as she strained to move another few inches across the rug. The way her mouth was gagged prevented her from saying anything other than some very muffled grunts. She was sweating quite a bit now - after all, she had been in this predicament for a little better than two hours now, and she still had a good way to go before she could reach the kitchen and her escape knife. She stopped to give her aching muscles a rest and to give her raw feeling skin a respite from the carpet. Sally had been eagerly anticipating this day for over a week. She actually had a Saturday all to herself, and had laid careful plans to make good use of it. She had been "into" self-bondage for better a year now, but this was the first time she had really put herself in a bondage that she felt it would be very difficult to get out of. Most of the time,she just simply tied her ankles and knees with a couple of pieces of nylon rope, taped her mouth with some sticky duct tape, put a vibrator between her legs, then tied her hands behind her back with some more of the nylon rope. The vibrator would do it's thing, and after about 15 minutes, she would undo the knots on her wrist ropes immediately after she had come. She had gotten quite good at tying her hands rather tightly behind her, but the nylon rope didn't knot up too tightly for her to undo it after a few minutes of picking at the knots. She always kept a sharp steak knife handy - one with a serrated blade that would saw through rope easily - a few feet away from her on the bed. Today, though, things were considerably different. She had been in New York City last month on a business trip and had stopped in an "Adult" bookstore while seeing the sights in Times Square. She had led a fairly sedate life in the small town she had her law practice in, considering her fantasies of being tied up, and occasionally tying herself, an "unusual" but really harmless vice she chose to indulge in. Most men seemed to care little for what she wanted out of sex - never actually satisfying the way her orgasms felt when she was tied. So she dated occasionally, but depended on herself to satisfy her needs. The bookstore she stopped in seemed to be dedicated almost totally to bondage. She had never dreamed she would see so many magazines showing heavily bound women, and they actually had displays of gags, handcuffs, etc. She almost bought one of the ball gags - it looked really sexy to her - but the outrageous price stopped her. She did pick up several of the magazines though, and had read them from cover to cover, imagining herself the woman in every picture. She had determined that she would figure out a way that she could tie herself like the women she saw in the pictures. The magazines had several letters from readers in them, and several of them were from people, like her, that enjoyed tying themselves up. She read the descriptions of what they had done with great interest, and make up her mind she would try to REALLY tie herself the next time she got a good chance. She had woken up early this morning, excited at the prospect of being tied for a long time, in much stricter bondage than she had ever used before. She quickly made some coffee, and got out her box from the closet. The box had her rope, tape, and vibrators in it. She had added a few purchases this week though. She already had a six-inch vibrating dildo that she had gotten a year ago - this was the one she had used on herself in the past. It had two new partners now. One was a five-inch long, really smooth dildo, and the other was a quite thick, ten-inch long dildo. She put new alkaline batteries in all the dildoes' battery packs, turning each one on to test it. She took off her nightgown, smiling at what her staid law firm would think if they saw her parading around her apartment in the nude. She was actually a little surprised at herself -she was usually the type that would immediately cover herself with a towel getting out of the shower even though she lived by herself. She got out her escape knife, and took it to the kitchen, passing through her dining room and living room to do so. This way, her knife was three rooms away from her. Returning to her bedroom, she put her box of ropes on the edge of the foot of the bed, and began taking out coils of rope. She had quite bit more rope now - she had bought LOTS more of the nylon rope, and had bought several packages of cotton clothesline to add to that. She had cut the rope up into varying lengths to use with the plan she had worked out for herself. She had never tied her breasts before, so she decided to start with that. She passed a length of the nylon rope around her and pulled it up over her breasts until it was an inch above her tits. She then pulled it taut, wrapping the rest of the piece of rope around her until she had a band of rope snugly around her, filling in the area from the top of her breasts to the bottom of her armpits. The band of rope felt good - it was hugging her nicely, and her breasts were pushed both up and out by the pressure of the ropes. She put a similar band of rope around her from just below her breasts to about halfway down to her belly button. She looked in the mirror, and smiled at the sight of her two breasts sticking out from between the wide bands of white rope. She got out two ten-foot long pieces of the cotton rope - the magazines said that it didn't slip as easily, and made tight knots - and then put a cinch loop in of the free ends of both pieces of rope. She put one of the cinch loops around the base of her left breast and pulled the loop tight until her breast bulged out like a balloon. She then wrapped the rest of that rope round and round the base of her breast, knotting it tight when she got to the other end. In another minute, her right breast was tied the same way. Although her breasts hurt some from the tight ropes, they looked fantastic in the mirror - she now had a real set of what men would describe as "jugs". She had seen pictures of women tied like this in the magazines, and found that she now knew why - her nipples were jutting out like twin towers. She had never seen, or felt, her nipples so aroused. She stood up and used a fairly long piece of rope to tie her waist snugly with about ten loops of rope cinching in her waist. She then tied one free end of another ten-foot piece of cotton rope to the middle of the waist ropes behind her. She let it dangle down between her legs and got the new tube of KY- Jelly out of the box. She put a generous amount of it on her finger, and bending over, lubricated her asshole by sticking the finger all the way up in it. She repeated this three times until it felt like her ass was full off the stuff. She put a thick coat of the jelly on the five-inch and six- inch dildoes. She took the five-inch dildo and slowly worked it into her ass. It felt huge at first - she had never had anything up her ass before - but finally the whole length was in. She could feel the head of it pressing up against the back of her vagina. Holding it in her ass with her left hand, she inserted the whole length of the six-inch dildo in her vagina. Pressing them both in with the fingers of one hand, she used the other hand to pull the rope in between her legs, making sure it passed over the base of both of the dildoes, then poking it up and through the middle of her waist ropes in front. She pulled it taut, then passed it in between her legs, cinching to the waist ropes, ten times. The dildoes were now TIED in her with enough tight rope so that there was no way they could work out of her filled vagina and penetrated ass. She sat down on the edge of the bed and went to work on her legs next. She found it was harder to bend over to tie your ankles when both of your holes are full, but she got a good eight-inch band of rope tight around her ankles. She used the last couple of feet of the rope to make cinch loops in between her ankles. This made the ropes quite tight - she liked the feel of tightness. Before she started to tie the rest of her legs, she tied a short piece of the cotton rope to the back of the cinch loops on her ankle ropes. She let the free end of this lay out to the side on the floor. She then tied wide bands of rope above and below her knees, pulling cinch loops through to tighten them like she done on her ankles. She looped the free end of a real long piece of rope around her thighs, pulling tightly enough to sink the rope in her thighs a little. Before she finished tying her thighs, she put the big dildo in between her thighs, taking care that the head of the dildo was pushing into her clitoris. Since the dildo was going to be tied there by her thigh ropes, she made sure it would stay put. The rest of the rope was then wrapped tightly around her thighs, locking the dildo into place. Her legs had never been so tightly tied before - she found she couldn't even wiggle them back and forth. She almost came to the point of orgasm then - and she hadn't even turned on the vibrators in the dildoes yet! Sally thought she had better take care of her gag next, since that couldn't be done once she had tied her hands. She folded up a washcloth so it made a wad about two inches thick and two inches wide. This she then put in the middle of a scarf which was then folded over the wad several times to trap the wad in the middle of the scarf. Sally knotted the scarf on both sides of the wad so it would be impossible to move out of her mouth. She opened her mouth wide and stuffed the wad all the way into her mouth. It really packed her mouth completely so she had to shove it in hard to get the whole wad in. Satisfied that her mouth was now quite thoroughly stuffed, she passed the free ends of the scarf around the back of her head, pulled them as tight as she could, and then knotted it with two really tight knots. She decided to test her gag and yelled as loudly as she could, getting a thoroughly muffled "Mmmppfff" as the only sound that came out through her tightly packed mouth. She loved the really helpless feeling that being well gagged gave her - she had always used tape before, but found that it was too easy to get off her mouth if she used her tongue to wet it. And if she pulled the tape all the way round her head to prevent that, then she had to contend with the sticky mess getting it out of her hair. This gag really gagged her and was quite impossible to get out without her hands free. Her next move was to turn on the dildoes. She turned on all three of them, putting them at medium speed, then shoved the battery packs underneath her thigh ropes so they would be totally out of reach. Moving quickly now - the dildoes were almost putting her over the edge - she got out two last pieces of cotton rope, both about twelve feet long. She tied a slip loop in the free end of both pieces,making one of the loops larger than the other. She made sure she could reach both of the ropes from in back of her by putting one just in back of her left hip, with the other one in back of the right hip. She put her arms in back of her and slipped the large loop up her arms until it was just above her elbows. She then pulled the slack out of the slip loop until her elbows were about three inches apart. She then wrapped most of the rest of the rope around her arms above her elbows until there was about three feet of the rope left. She tossed the free end up and over her elbow loops, then repeated this twice more so that she now had three cinch loops over the elbow ropes. She pulled the free end and yanked it several times until her elbows were now about an inch and a half apart behind her. She tossed it over one more time, letting that loop hang loose enough that she was able to pass the free end through it. This she then yanked tight. The cotton rope took care of cinching that loop tight. Sally then made two discoveries - the first was that her bound elbows made her breasts jut out even more, making her breast ropes quite a bit tighter. Her second discovery was that there was no way she could reach the slip knot she had made - her elbows were now quite helplessly tied. She knew that if she tied her wrists now, there would be no escape until she got to the kitchen and the knife. She had waited too long for this to stop now, so she pulled the slip loop from the last piece of rope over her wrists, then pulled the slip loop tight. She quickly used her fingers to loop the rest of the rope around her wrists. She had found that if she made a loop over the top of one wrist, then under the other wrist - making kind of an "X" of ropes in between her wrists - that she could tie her wrists together quite nicely. Once she got to about two feet of rope left, she passed the free end in between her wrists, then over the ropes. She repeated this five times, pulling out all of the slack each time. She made another loop over her wrist ropes, leaving slack so she could pull the free end through. This was then yanked tight, locking the cotton rope into an non-slipping cinch loop. She repeated this twice more, knowing that her wrists were now tied, cinched, and quite impossible to get loose without a knife. Sally knew that she was now quite thoroughly tied up, with no way out other than cutting herself loose. She hesitated a moment, then thought "What the hell - this is what I have been wanting and dreaming about - go ahead and finish it!" She turned sideways on the edge of the bed and lowered herself carefully so that her legs were now bent beneath her. She fumbled for the free end of the rope she had tied to her ankle ropes earlier. She found it and passed it over her wrist ropes then back down to her ankles. She passed it underneath the ankle cinch loops then knotted it tight at her ankles. She let herself lean against the end of bed and slowly slid down the rest of the way to the floor. She laid there on her side for a moment, feeling the beginnings of a truly awesome orgasm shoot through her. She had the wild impulse to roll over so her now throbbing tits would be mashed into the rug. With great effort she did so, feeling the rough carpet bite into her bound breasts. She spasmed, screaming into her gag as two back to back, earth shattering orgasms swept through her body. She was panting and sweating now, but was glad to be gagged as she was sure her screams of pure pleasure would have roused the whole apartment building! She squirmed against her ropes, finding that she had done a really masterful job on herself. She could not get any slack in her arms at all, thanks to the tight hog tie she had put herself in. She also found that she could not reach the knot at her ankles to undo her hog tie. She tried moving her body across the carpet and found that with great effort, she could move about two inches at a time - she also felt her breasts being rubbed by the rough carpet. After ten minutes, she was really sweating, but had almost made it to the bedroom door. She decided to rest her aching body, and since the vibrators were still buzzing merrily away, had yet another mind-bending orgasm. She considered her predicament - she was still two whole rooms away from her knife, she was quite helplessly bound, gagged, and hog-tied, and every time she moved she just simply excited her body more as her naked nipples ground against the carpet - every time she rested, the vibrators took over and BOOM! off she went again. "I have been at this for two hours now" though Sally as her thoughts came back to the present, " and my body aches like crazy, my breasts feel like raw meat, I have had nine orgasms, and I still have to get through the living room." She kept working at it, and a half hour, and two more orgasms later, finally made it to the kitchen. She cut her hog tie rope and had to rest for five minutes before she had worked up the strength to cut her wrist ropes. She really had to work to cut the elbow ropes, but finally set herself free. She turned off the vibrators, and untied the rest of her ropes,leaving a huge pile of rope in the middle of the kitchen. Ten minutes later, Sally was sitting in a hot bath, feeling completely wiped out as the hot water soothed her aching muscles. Sally thought about the experience she had put herself through and said "Well, it'll be a while before I do THAT to myself again - I may even wait until tomorrow!!!!" --