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Some techniques I have heard about:

  1. Ice the key. The most famous technique: the more ice, the longer it'll keep you at the spot.
  2. Take a suitcase with a lock with number that can keep turning around (XQs for my bad English), I mean: you should be able to turn past the 9 back to the zero and so... (ahum). Then put yourself out of reach of the light button and put THE keys into the suitcase. You'll have to wait till dawn to open the suitcase-locker.
  3. Variant which I found: tie THE key to a rope and fix it to something steady or very expensive (the MING Vase will do). I prefer the steady variant. Make sure that the rope is no more than 1 mm. diameter so that if you tie the key to this rope with let's say 10 knots, you won't be able to unknot it until you have some light. And extra: you should be able to reach the key with both hands and at the same THE lock should be able to reach the key. May this be obvious...
  4. Post THE key to yourself... (no way for me!)
  5. Put a (hell, what's the word, well let's say...) pipe to the water-outlet and let the water DRIP (make sure that enough water is flowing!) into a bucket. At the bottom of the bucket put a sponge with THE key attached to it: it'll start flowing when the bucket fills (really? yes really). Be sure your hands can only reach the top of the bucket.
2,3 and 5 are techniques which I found out. I think #2 is the best, however I have not tried it... Till so far it's been mostly #3 and #5. Small notice at number 5: the dripping of the water will make you want to go to the toilet: be sure to handle this in advance =:) !

One golden tip: Always enable yourself to reach a phone to call for help. There is always a risk involved (yes, exciting risk), how unexciting it is to say this...