Letter from Z...
Hi. I enjoyed your self-bondage exploits.  Alas, I am a male, but I
make up for it a bit by having a transvestite fetish corresponding to
your pantyhose fetish: I enjoy self-bondage in female, one-piece
bathing suits.

Here is a technique I use.  I get white cotton material from a fabric
store, superglue, welded rings, and rope from a hardware store.

I tear the cloth into strips -- smaller ones for wrists and longer for
ankles and knees.  I then tie a smaller strip around each wrist  -
passing it thorough the welded ring  as I wrap it around my wrist
multiple times.  I seal the knots with superglue so I can't undo them.

After doing my wrists I essentially have "cloth bracelets" on each
wrist, each dangling a welded ring and sealed tight with glue.

I then get into a very tight bathing suit and wind rope around my
waist several times, passing a loop through my crotch and tying off to
the  "belt" on the other side.  I seal this knot with superglue as

Next I create a small loop of rope and secure it  behind me to my
waist and crotch ropes.  I then tie my ankles and knees together with
the other cloth strips, again sealing with glue.

Finally I gag myself, and then pass the padlock through the loop of
rope behind me and through the two steel rings in attached to my
hands, which I bring behind my back.  I am now effectively bound.  My
hands are secured behind me by the rope attaching them to my waist
rope so that I can't bring them forward or slip them underneath my

I get free using the ice technique to drop a key to the padlock.  But
here is how I use the ice.  I take a leg cut from a pair of pantyhose
and put several ice cubes into the toe.  I then tie off the open end
to a pipe in the basement (out of reach) after slipping a key ring
down so it rests on the bulge made by the ice.  When the ice melts,
the key ring and key will fall.

I have spent up to six hours in exciting bondage.  The plan allows
plenty of writhing and struggling, but freedom awaits the melting of
the ice.

I have not seen many self-bondage posts on ASB of late.  I am replying
via E-Mail because I am having difficulty posting from my Internet

Would like to continue to share experiences and thoughts with you if
you are interested.