Letter from Brian

What a compilation!  I assume you did all of this yourself??

Well, share and share alike, so here are the things that I have done:

Almost always what I have done in the past is to tie my legs and one arm 
spread to my bed.  Usually to do this I used 2 foot long straps with a d-clip
on the ends, with these clips I would clip them to the strap itself making
a kind of cheap pair of restraints. Since they are made of cloth they did not
cut of chafee.  (Bonus!)  So what I would do is tye one end to the bed post,
and one end to an ankle or wrist.  

I have done several variations, for instance I have experienenced with
Autoerotic asphyxiation, usually by putting thick clothing on over my face,
or duct taping my mouth shut, and then putting the clothing over my face.

Another variation is sitting on chair and tying myself to it, all but one
hand that is.  I usually when doing this use a butt plug or similar device
for added stimulation.

I have found that blindfolding myself, as well as bonding myself is very erotic
I would realy appreciate any more suggestions you have..  Thats pretty
much what I have tried!