Assisted Self Bondage by The Scarecrow

I am in the fortunate position that, whislt my wife does not enjoy or participate in bondage, she does understand my kink and doesn't condemn me for it.

We enjoy a very healthy normal sex life - taking a lot of pleasure in each other under normal circumstances; its just when my kink starts surface that she loses interest.

The compromise we have worked out is that, after I have completed just about all of my self bondage, she will fasten the last padlock, thus leaving me completely helpless. After an unspecified length of time - usualy between one and three hours - she will unlock the padlock, allowing me to release myself.

The heart of my method of immobilising myself is a spreader bar that runs from my bound ankles to my bound wrists. It produces the same, or more, immobility as a hog tie but without the cramps that come with having my legs pulled up tight. The length of the spreader bar is from wrists to ankles with my legs straight. I made it from a broom stick cut down to size and with heavy "I-bolts" inserted in each end; simple, cheap and effective.

First I fasten my legs using ankle cuffs with velcro fastenings. A padlock goes through the "D-rings" on the cuffs and the "I-bolt" on one end of the spreader bar. I then put locking leather cuffs around my wrists but don't attatch them together yet.

Next I use a ball-gag and ear plugs over which goes a leather hood without eye-holes. This laces down the back and locks on with a padlock. It is imporant for me that I can't see or hear and that I can't make any noise to call my wife when I feel I've had enough. My release is entirely in her hands.

My wife usualy is in the next room working on her computer or reading or otherwise occupying herself. When I've just about finished my preparations, before the ball-gag goes in, I call her to let her know that I'm nearly ready. I then arrange myself, on my side with my hands behind my back, and wait with fear and anticipation at what I'm letting myself in for. After a few minutes, she comes through and fastens the last padlock through the "D-rings" of my wrist cuffs and the "I-bolt" at the near end of the spreader bar. I am now completely helpless, almost totally immobilised and blind, deaf and dumb!

By using a speader bar like this I am kept in a fairly rigid position, I can't reach the leg cuffs, even though they are only fastened with velcro. and I can't get to the padlock keys - even if I knew where they were! Often before I start getting ready she will say something like "Good-night, see you in the morning - maybe" She often threatens to leave me tied up all night, although she hasn't done so - yet! She knows that not knowing how long I will be helpless is a big turn on for me.

Very occasionally she will masturbate me before releasing me. Once she masturbated me just after locking me up and then left me for another two hours. Usually she unlocks the padlock holding my wrists together and then leaves me to masturbate. I then have to find the keys to the hood before I can get completely free.

I find being in almost complete sensory deprivation is my real kink. The fact that I can't influence what will happen or how long I will be captive is another turn on. In fact I often have an erection for most, if not all, of the time I'm in bondage.

"The Scarecrow"