Note from author: I thought you [Warhammer] might enjoy this as much as I've enjoyed your stories:

My wife occasionally ties me up, and the sex is great, but I yearn for her to go further with the bondage. Often, I'm able to get loose on my own, or she won't tie up any more of me than my hands, leaving me capable of thrashing about. I'm rarely gagged. But I make do. I've read some of the self-bondage stories, and they're bolder, braver, or more foolish than I. But, who knows? I have experimented with self-bondage, and I keep getting bolder as I get older. The other day was an example.

My wife was at work and my child at school, and I had the day off. I knew my wife would be home before the daughter, so if I failed to get loose, at least the humiliation of getting caught would be shared only with the adult. (I hoped.) I locked all the doors, including the one to our bedroom, and got everything ready. I would be bound to a straight-backed chair, my hands cuffed behind me, mouth gagged, eyes blindfolded, nipples clamped, and butt-plugged. First, the plug. Using a fair amount of cocoa butter lotion, I pushed an anal probe into my ass. That's one with a large handle at one end, a slim tapering shaft, and a bulbous knob at the other end. (My wife once tried to insert the handle into my ass while I was bound with my legs in the air. Almost, but not quite!) I thrust it in and out a few times to get my ass "nervous." Since I had to go to another room to get the rest of the gear I needed, I had walked naked through the house with this probe dangling and swinging. It's an unusual feeling.

Now I would gag myself with a home-made penis gag. Using an old belt, I had cut a slit and punched several holes in it, then inserted a short (4") Doc Johnson anal dildo shaped like a very realistic large penis. I crammed this cock into my mouth, savoring the fullness. Although I could breathe around it with difficulty, it was impossible for me to make any noise other than a whimper. I strapped the belt tightly around my head.

I have a pair of velcro straps with which I secured my feet to the front chair legs. Next, I roped my knees to the chair legs just under the seat, using two six-foot lengths of 5/16" nylon cord. With about twenty feet of same-size rope I strapped my torso to the chair, looping it in and out of the back rungs. I used two ace bandages for my next torture. One was looped several times around my balls, tied to prevent slippage, and passed under the chair front, to be tied securely, out of reach of where my cuffed hands would soon be. The other ace bandage was tied around the head of my swollen penis, pulled up on either side of my gagged head, and pulled down behind me, again tied to where my cuffed hands would not be able to reach it. Considering that I was already fairly well secured to the chair, unable to do much more than squirm, this was beginning to tug unmercifully at my genitals. To relieve pressure on my balls, I would have to scoot forward, although that was extremely difficult to do. But this would stretch my bound cock painfully. To relieve the pull on my dick by lifting up would be to subject my balls to pain. Either way, a predicament! And squirming in any direction would make the bandages even tighter!!

To complete my torture, I attached a pair of nipple clamps to my tits. The clamps were connected to a chain, which, although it didn't weigh too much, when it swings back and forth, it does pull and pinch with pain. And, if I did any squirming which would involve any muscles in my chest, well... I had one more task before cuffing. For those whose thighs rub, this is a familiar item: the rubber/velcro thigh slimmer. But I placed it around my head, which completely cut off my sight. The handcuffs were attached directly behind my back to one of the rungs of the chair.

I was now ready for the final step. By the way, the location for this scene was in our closet, a small walk-in with two rows of clothes bars. Dangling from a string tied to one of these bars, just out of reach from where I was now chair-bound, was a key. It was what I would need to free myself as soon as I cuffed my hands behind me. Did I dare? Would I be able to grunt, groan, and strain, "jumping" the chair to move it to where I could reach the key? And if I reached the key without knocking myself over, would I be able to uncuff myself? As I was blindfolded, would I be inching myself in the right direction to find the key, or would I bump past it? And would I be able to do this without causing irreparable damage to my engorged cock and balls and pinched nipples? Did I have enough time before my wife came home and discovered me in this hopelessly, helplessly perverted condition? Would she undo me? Or would she take advantage of this situation and torture me unmercifully? My head was a whirlwind of all these thoughts and more. I was excited. I was hard. I stroked my dick some more and fondled my balls. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

I cuffed my hands together.

GT in AL

( "Of course, we're all dying to know what happened next... hee hee" -- Warhammer )