Nothing beats being completely enclosed from head to toe in lycra. I've been experimenting with a few ideas in total enclosure bondage (without having to spend a lot of $$$); here's an idea-

The Cheap Do-It-Yourself Sleepsack:

  1. Obtain a crew-necked, zip-back, long sleeved unitard that has a lot of stretch in it. It mustn't be footed (though itmay work).
  2. Turn both legs inside out. At the end of one of the legs, knot it closed. Turn this leg right side out, leaving the other leg inside the outfit.
  3. Carefully slip both your legs into this one leg untill your feet reach the knot (which is now on the inside).
  4. Pull the unitard up around yourself. Turn both arms inside out and have your partner zip you up. If you're alone, put your arms through without turning the arms of the unitard inside out and zip up- then pull your arms inside, turning the sleeves inside out as you go along.
  5. Now the only drawback is that your head is still sticking out. YOu could sew the neck opening shut, but I still want to use the unitard normally once in a while. Personally, I like to take one of the sleeves and, leaving it right side out, pull it down over my head snug.

Has anyone ever tried this? Does anyone have any variations? Suggestions? More ideas to come as I tinker with my lycra collection....