a collection of self bondage experiences
           a collection of self bondage experiences
by a man who does not wish his name to be known, for he is a pervert


when i was a young lad, i soon discovered that bondage had become much
of a turn on for me.  when puberty hit, i noticed that whenever i would
watch a bondage scene on TV or in a movie, i would get an instant woodie.
needless to say, this is probably the same way a lot of people discovered
their kink.

what soon followed from this was a kink for hosiery... pantyhose, tights,
spandex, etc.  when i was 13 or so, i would wait for the parents to leave
and start rootin' in momma's dresser drawers... i would experiment with
the hosiery i found.  putting them on, wearing them on my head, sticking
both legs in one leg of the hosiery, and so on.  it was a great feeling.

the logical deduction i made was to combine the two kinks... bondage of
some sort with a pantyhose component.  pantyhose is great for self-bondage,
i have found, but it requires a lot of hosiery at times, because as rough
as the play may become, the hosiery won't last...

basic pantyhose play


at first, self bondage sessions were strictly pantyhose-only, for these were
the only 'toys' that i had.  this usually involves obtaining several pairs
of pantyhose, and shoving both legs into one leg of the hose, if it's a big
enough pair.  if the pantyhose is strechy enough, this is a wonderful
feeling.   another method i use a lot is shoving one leg over my head and
my shoulders, with the other leg dangling in front of me, and shoving both 
of my arms through the dangling leg.  it's not a strict bind, but it's a
wonderful feeling.  a trickier and much more strict bind i devised was to 
dangle the other leg of pantyhose *behind* me, and wriggle and writhe until
i could shove both arms thru the leg behind me.  this results in a tight
elbow-to-elbow armbinder of sorts, depending on the strength and size of the

        multiple armbinder:

what's even better than that is to do the same armbinder thing with more than
one pair of tights or hose.  best way to do that is to slip on 5 or 6 pairs
of tights or hose normally (wear them all at once on your legs), and then
carefully remove them so they don't bunch up inside each other.  then, you've
got superhose(tm)... a really strong, tight bunch of pantyhose... if you've
made it just the right strength, then you can force your head through one
set of legs, and then shove your arms in the other set of legs.  it's such
a great feeling... however, i've never been strong or brave enough to put the
dangling legs behind me and shove my arms through them, because even if you
just do that on just ONE pair of hose, it is rather difficult to remove your 
arms from the leg behind you, depending on the strength and size of the hose.

        indian style masturbation:

one good way of masturbating with hose is to sit down with your legs folded
(indian style, almost) and slip each leg of hose over each folded leg.
it takes strong and big hose to do it, but it's not that difficult.  when
you pull up the panty part of the hose past your waist and keep tension on it,
you can use your legs to push within the hose and rub the crotch part of the
hose over your cock.  to keep your hands free (perhaps shackled to something,
like a bedpost, or handcuffed behind your back, or something similar), you
can get another pair of hose or a rope or something, and tie it to the waist
part of the hose by stretching a section of the wasteband into a long, slender
bunch of fabric, sorta like this:

                                 ||  <---- bunched up fabric
        waistband-----> |__________________|
                        |                  |

then you can attach a rope to the bunch of fabric by keeping tension on the
waistband and simply tying a knot with the fabric and the rope or hose.
then the attached rope or hose attaches to something solid (i wrap it around
my neck in such a way as to not strangle me... i just loop it around the
back of my neck, and then around my chest).  that way, you can just do the
leg movement, and no hand-intervention is required to obtain a good orgasm.

problems with this method in particular are that if you have the rope or hose
around your neck, then you're likely to get a sore neck... :)  also, if your
legs are folded up in the hose for too long, when you get out of it you're
going to have some MAJOR leg cramps.  i've done this for long periods of time
and it would take me several minutes to walk normally just after removing
my legs from the hose.  i've also gotten toe cramps from just having my feet
in weird positions within the hose.

the obvious variation of this is to use mutliple pairs of hose for added
bondage strength.  this enhances the play, but it also enhances any cramps
you might develop.


there are all sorts of variations to pantyhose play, such as simply sticking
a folded leg through one leg, and an extended leg through the other.  i
usually have some aspect of pantyhose in a self bondage session because
1)  i like the erotic feel of hosiery  and 2) putting my arms in pantyhose
makes handcuffs more comfortable.  :)  one thing you can do to a pair of
hose is cut out the crotch.  that way you can stick your head through the
crotch and put one arm in each leg.  that way, no matter if you cuff yourself
in front of you or behind you, you don't get strangled by the panty part of
the hose.

        the heavyweight technique:

a method i devised for binding my wrists tight enough to where i could not
free myself immediately is to get a pair of tights (regular hose works too,
but if it's cheap hose then it'll stretch really thin and make your wrists
hurt something awful) and put something heavy in one leg, such as a ball of
some sort.  then, you step on the ball in the end of one leg, and start
wrapping both wrists together by tying the other end of the hose around one 
wrist. when you have about a foot or two of hose left, let the ball end dangle
and start moving your arms so that the ball wraps around between your wrists.
then, you can step on the ball again and cinch the loops together by pulling
as hard as you can (or want to).  if you repeat the ball-looping enough,
then the elasticity of the hose and the presence of the ball prevents you 
from loosening the bond, so the only way of freeing yourself is to make the 
ball flip over your bound wrists in order to unravel the wrist cinching.
this works well for cinching your wrists behind your back, which to me
is a lot more erotic than binding my wrists in front of me (can't get to
the nipple clamps that way.  :)  ).

        chicken wing:

another thing you can do is fold your arms and shove them, elbows first,
inside each leg... this is interesting, but i haven't found it to be as
much fun as the other techniques...

        spread eagle:

a cheesy way to tie your arms spread-eagled is to simply tie some cheap hose
to bedposts and make slip knots with the free ends of hose.  then, slide in
your wrists and pull the slip knots tight.  course, if you use good, strong
hose, you ain't going to be able to get outta this bondage without a knife.
i usually use cheap generic hose (you know, the stuff that feels like
sandpaper.  :)  ) so that it's relatively easy to rip 'em off the bedposts.
or, if you want to use strong hose (or rope, for that matter), then make two
slipknots.  one for your wrists, and one to yank on for quick release.  :)

a much, much better way to tie your arms spread-eagled is to put on about 10
or so pairs of hose (the way i mentioned before... put them on your legs
first, then carefully remove them so you can still stick your arms in there.)
then, find two solid, heavy things (about chest level off the ground works
well for me) to tie the ends of hose to.  tie one end of one leg to something
solid, then the other end about 10 feet across the room to something else.
make sure there isn't much slack in the hose, otherwise it won't be as fun.
:)   now all you gotta do is shove one arm in one set of legs, then the other
arm in the other set of legs.  it help to have gag and nipple clamps in place
before you do this, of course.  (oh gawd, i'm getting woody just thinking
about it).  it also helps to be strapped to a chair as well.
also, to strengthen the bind, make sure the panty parts of all the hose goes
behind your neck, cause it's very uncomfortable to have it all pressing up
against your throat.  then, if the hose is tight enough, you won't be able 
to readily remove yourself from the hose.  your arms will be completely 
immobile, and completely opposite from each other, making nipple clamps feel 
REALLY good because of the tightened chest skin.... if you're dexterous 
enough, you can twist around just the right way so you can eventually remove 
yourself from this tight bind, but it will be a long process, so be very 
cautious when you do this to begin with.  it is one of my favorite 
pantyhose bondage techniques because it is one of the most difficult to 
remove yourself from.

        leotard bondage:

if you can find yourself a unitard, then you can all sorts of fun with it.
one that i happened to come across was a one-piece body suit with long
arms and a scoop neck, with leg openings.  if it's big enough, you can wear
it normally, but without putting your arms in the arms of the unitard.
then, you can stretch one arm of the unitard and shove it over your head,
and then find the other arm and do the same thing.  this makes for a
poor-man's mummification (except that it only mummifies above the waist).

        poor man's bodybags:

another bodybag type of setup is to find a big pair of stretchy stirrup
tights or pants, or just any sort of very large hosiery.  you take one leg
of the garment and shove both of your legs through it, up to the knee.
then, while you've got the garment up to your knees, stick your head and
shoulders through the other leg.  then, when you lean back, the garment
will encase you (if it's big enough) with a little opening in the back.  it's
a great feeling to be encased like this.  especially when you add little
touches, like a gag and nipple clamps, or maybe you could handcuff yourself
while encased like this... then you'd be rolling around the floor helplessly.
oh what fun... the variation of this is to put one leg of hose over both of
your legs while keeping the free leg behind you.  then, if you can contort
yourself enough, or if the hose is stretchy enough, then you can pull the
other leg over your head and shoulders and chest from behind you.

yet another, more constricting bodybag of sorts is made by obtaining two
pairs of large, stretchy hose.  i used some ultra sheer hose that was made
with an amount of lycra, and it was wonderful.  what you do is put your
left leg through one leg of one pair of hose, and then put the other leg
of the hose over your head and shoulders.  then, get the other pair of hose,
and put your other leg through one of its legs, and afterwards, put the
remaining leg of hose over your head and shoulders.  lean back, and you've
just wrapped yourself tightly with glorious, shimmery, beautiful stretchy
stuff... if the hose is large enough, then you can put both of your legs in
each leg of hose instead of just letting your legs go free...

        the giant stretchy rope:

one thing i have done is take about 20 pairs of hose and tie them all
together end-to-end.  then, fasten one end of this giant 'rope' to a
chair or something.  wind the pantyhose around the chair until all you have
is about a foot or two of free leg.  tie the end of the leg to a wrist, and
then start wrapping!  i've gotten my arms bound TIGHT this way.  it also
takes forever to get out of this strict bind, because once you get enough
windings, the elasticity of the hose prevents you from slipping an arm

        sewing the waistbands:

another thing i tried was to take two pairs of hose/tights and sew the waist
bands together halfway.  there are all sorts of things you can do with this
new toy, i'll let you use your own imagination for this one.  :)  if you're
going to make this thing, don't use any kind of really cheap flimsy hose,
cause it ain't going to last.  use thick dancer's tights or something similar.

other play

        duct tape:

it did not take me long to discover that duct tape is one of the best 
inventions of all time... i usually take two footlong strips of duct tape
and cross them across my mouth.  i use my palms to push HARD and work all
the air out of it for a better seal.  then, i take two smaller strips and
stick them vertically over the ends of the 'X'.  if you've done this right,
there will be no way to remove this using just your lips, breath, and spit.
especially when you've worked all the air out with your palms.  mind you,
make sure you don't do this if you have any facial hair... :)  shave first...
one time i took about 2 big rolls of duct tape and completely encased my
legs together.  i wore some pantyhose so the tape wouldn't tear all my hair
out when i removed the tape later.  it was awesome, because if you wrap the 
tape tight enough you can't even wiggle ANYTHING... when you eventually 
free yourself though, there will be a LOT of sweat... but it's worth it...

        choke collar handcuffs and a near-miss:

before i obtained handcuffs, i had to devise a way to make an inescapable
pair of homemade cuffs.  what i did was went shopping and bought a choke
collar for dogs, one that had chainlinks big enough for me to slip a small
padlock through.  these choke collars are great because they have those
rings on the end you can make loops with.  what you do is make one loop
for one wrist, stick your wrist through it, and then put the lock through
the chain links so that the loop can't get any bigger.  then repeat for
the other wrist.  but this requires two padlocks, and you've also got a
relatively long chain going between each wrist, giving you too much movement.
so, i devised a constricting way of doing it so that it only takes one lock.
make both loops with each end and stick your wrists in as before.  take your
lock and put it through one chain link next to your left wrist (make sure
the loop can't get any bigger), and then work the lock through a chain link
next to your right wrist.  you end up with the chain in the center being
doubled-up, and the lock prevents the loops your wrists are in from getting
bigger.  this works well, but you gotta be careful.  one time i was doing
this with my wrists locked behind my back, and i managed to twist up the
chain too much so the chain got real tight, and i could BARELY get to the
padlock to free myself.  oh, and make sure the lock ends up at a good angle
so you can work the key in there... 

        the infamous ice cube technique:

one day i decided to give the icecube technique a go.  i froze a key and a
string in an ice cube, and when it was done, i taped the string to the
ceiling, so the ice would melt and the key would drop after a while.  i
have not yet perfected this, because most of the time either the whole cube
drops, or the damn thing melts too soon.  i suppose it would be fun with
an ice cube about a foot high, a foot wide, and a foot thick.  :)  i also
tried freezing two q-tips in the cube.  this worked a little better, because
with the ends of the q-tips sticking out, you can fasten them to something.
say, one end can be attached to the ceiling, and the other end can be
attached to a key.  this works a lot better than just a plain ol' ice cube.

        making it hard to get keys that are right in front of you:

if you've got a pair of handcuffs, a fun thing to do is to take the keys to
the cuffs and stick them in something to make it difficult to get to them.
for example, take the keys and put them down the leg of some hose, then
wrap up the hose into a little ball.  then, stick the hose into a plastic
bag and tie off the bag.  then, put the bag in a container and duct tape
the container.  then, put the container in a box and lock the box.  etc.
it would be fun to have several locks involved so you would have to crawl
to the first key, and then crawl to another room to get another key, and
so on.  it helps even more if you've managed to hogtie yourself as well.

        hogties:  (Author's note: at the time i wasn't aware of
          cinch nooses and the Super HogTie :)

the way i usually hogtie myself is to tie my feet together with some rope
or hosiery, and then tie my hands behind my back with something (handcuffs
or the ball-hosiery trick i mentioned earlier).  then i take a pair of
handcuffs and cuff my wrists to my feet by looping one cuff between my wrists
and then the other cuff around the rope between my feet.  cinching that
tight, it isn't easy to get out of.  i usually have myself gagged with a
ball gag that straps around my head, and i usually have nipple clamps in
place.  when hogtied like this, the gag effect is enhanced because the gag
feels as if it is being pulled tighter into your mouth... it's great...
and if you're on the floor rolling around, the nipple clamps make their
presence known... ahhhhhh....

        bent over and helpless:

one way i've immobilized myself involved tying my feet together, and then
putting a pair of hose on my head, with the dangling leg hanging behind
me.  then, i wrap some rope around my knees and the back of my neck, and
cinch it just tight enough to where i can't move my head but not tight
enough to choke me.  then, i stick my arms through the leg behind me, thus
immobilizing my arms.  the resulting helplessness is pure bliss.


ok, that's about it for now... i've put a lot of time into this, and i'm
hoping i'll get a lot of response to this.  please, followup this post with
your own stories of self bondage or interesting techniques you have used
and stuff like that.  i would LOVE to hear from you all about this sort of
thing.  i would especially like to hear stories from a female viewpoint,
because just about all of the self bondage posts on this newsgroup concern
males.  it would be interesting to hear about how females go about tying
theirselves up.  my favorite posts on a.s.b. are the ones that concern self
bondage (whatever happened to HogTie???)

anyway, have fun and hope to hear from ya.