...more personal experiences

(a great little E-mail and short story from another reader.) -- warhammer

Here's my experience with self bondage. I spice it up a little with some cross dressing. I envision myself as the bound beauty waiting for my rescue from bondage. My favorite experience is done when my wife is gone. I put on panties, pantyhose, a girdle, a bra, top, a skirt, and heels. I have generally two choices regarding my bondage. One is tying myself to a chair and the other is to a bed.

The chair bondage is the most extreme and I tie myself so secure that I can only move my head and wiggle my hands. For the chair bondage session, I lock a handcuff key to a chain around my waist with a combination lock. I put the chair in the basement, covering all of the windows, and put a light on a timer. I generally set the timer for two hours.

As for method, chain is locked around waist with small padlock. Combination lock is locked to chain at side of waist. I can reach it with my hand cuffed behind my back. I have to really strain to see it, but it can be done. Also, if lock and chain slips around, I can slide it back to the side. If I want to make it hard, I'll secure my handcuffs to the chain at my back and then cuff my hands behind my back. That way, I really have to stretch my hand and can only turn the lock with my finger tips. If I wear gloves or mittens, that increases the diffculty even more.

I first tie my feet together and then tie them to the middle of the chair. I pull my feet in tight to the chair. I then tie my lap and legs to the rest of the chair. I use another rope and tie my lower chest below my padded "breasts", and run a rope over my shoulders in a cross your heart fashion, securing my upper body the chair. I then securely gag myself, securing it with a stocking. I use a home made ball gag. I can only make muffled noises, but being in the basement, it won't do me anygood to try to yell, as no one can hear me.

After I have secured my body to the chair as firmly as possible, I try moving around to losen up any ropes or straps. I then retighten them and then go to the next step. When I estimate that the timer is going to turn off the light, I proceed to lock my hands behind my back with the handcuffs. Because of the chair back and the ropes, I cannot move around to loosen any ropes. I can reach the combination lock to turn the dial to open up the lock and get the handcuff key.

One particular session, I did as above and locked my hands behind my back. For some reason, I got a little panicky and was working on unlocking the combination lock when the light clicked off. I was now stuck. I could not move, it was no use yelling, because of the too secure gag and being in the basement, and with the windows taped shut, I was in complete darkness. That was the scarest part. I was totally helpless. Not only that, my legs were getting hot in the pantyhose, the girdle was getting tight over my manhood, and my skirt was bunched under my bottom. I was pretty uncomfortable. I couldn't do anything for at least two more hours. After what seemed like days, the light clicked on and I was able to unlock the handcuffs. That was the most secure bondage session that I have ever had. It was both exciting and scary at the same time.