Here's another session to add to my experiences of self bondage and cross dressing.

When I was building my house, out in the country, I would go out and spend the nights there to watch the tools that I had there and to give me more time to work. Since it was hard to get to and had no phone, I was pretty guarentee of privacy. For this session, I decided to pretend that I was a kidnapped woman who was bound and gagged in a barn or warehouse and waiting for my rescue with my ransom money.

I dressed myself in a black jeans mini skirt, black opaque nylons, heels, a bra, and a top. Since the house was under roof and had doors on it, I could sort of insure myself that I was going to be protected.

I went up to the second floor where I had placed a pad and sleeping bag. I had put a heavy school type chair in the room as well near a window, so that I could see out, could not be seen from the driveway unless you looked in with binoculars from the head of the lane.

I proceeded to gag my self with a homemade ball gag and pantyhose. I then pulled a dark pair of pantyhose over my head. This would be as close as I could get to a bondage hood. Also, the dark pantyhose restricted my vision at dusk or at dawn. Keys to my S&W handcuffs were chained to my waist. Also, wired to the handcuffs were small bells. This would force me to sit perfectly still if someone would come up the lane. Sometimes, kids would drive up and park there and do the things that kids do in parked cars.

About two hours before sundown, I securely tied myself to the chair, and made sure that the chair was secured so that it couldn't move or tip over. I tied ropes from the rafters to the chair and also from the studs in the walls to the chair legs.

The only part of my body that I could move was my head and arms. All of the rest of my was secured to the chair with yards or cotton and nylon rope. When I felt that I was secured enough, I locked one of the cuffs on a wrist and double locked it. With my heart pounding and the bells on the handcuffs jingling, I quickly locked my other wrist.

After sitting there for a while, I started to get a little cold. I imagined what a kidnapped victim would have felt like. I was starting to unlock the combination lock for the keys to the cuffs when a car pulled up in the drive. I froze with fear that the kids would come into the house. I couldn't move because of the bells on the cuffs.

The kids got out of the car and spread a blanket on the ground and laid down on it for smootch. I was getting sort of panicky as I hadn't planned to stay tied up too long. Next thing I know, it was getting darker and the dark hood pantyhose over my head made it impossible to see the combination to get the key for the handcuffs. I sat there in fear for about two hours, scared that the bells on the handcuffs would alert the kids to my predicament. I couldn't even yell, due to my too good job with my gag.

After a while, the kids left and I was left alone and bound to a chair. The night got cooler and I could not move. Fortunately, the pantyhose on my legs did keep me warm. (The women are right about staying warm in the winter in skirts and nylons.)

I did doze off for bits of sleep, but I would wake up and get panicked when I found that I could not move. I would then realize where I was and then calm down and after a while, my head would nod as far as the gag would allow and I would fall asleep for a while longer and then repeat the whole thing again.

Very early in the morning, a cop car came up the road and spotligted the house looking for parking kids. I guess that he saw my car so he left.

After what seemed like many more hours than it really was, the eastern sky got lighter and soon, I could just see the handcuff keys locked to my waist. In about an hour or so, I was able to unlock the lock and vary carefully unlock the handcuffs. It tooks me a while to get untied from all of the ropes and get dressed in the clothes of my actual gender.