While most of my previous sessions involved handcuffs and combinations locks, one fall, I tried another angle to my experiences.

For this session, I got dressed in my usual outfit (top, short skirt, bra, and panty girdle). For my legs, I put on a pair of extra support pantyhose and didn't wear any heels.

I prepared for my session by taking an old pair of pantyhose and tying a knot in one end with a small weight. I put this end in a door frame and shut the door. The other end had a loop tied in it for attaching to my wrist later.

I first moves all sissors and knives to a high shelf in the house to prevent me from cutting the ropes. I did leave one pair of sissors in the yard at the base of a tree as a back up.

I then securely gagged myself with my home made ball gag and secured it with soft webbing and nylon stockings. All I could do was to give a muffled grunt. No sound was able to be heard any further than the next room. I was assured that I could not call for help.

I then tied my feet and knees together. I also looped and pulled snugly ropes over my shoulders and looped them above and below my padded breasts. These ropes also pulled my elbows snuggly in tight.

It was not time to secure my wrists. I grabbed the looped end of the pantyhose that was pulled into the shut door and hopped away from the door, stretching the legs. When I got as far as the pantyhose would allow. I reached both of my hands behind my back. I looped the pantyhose around my wrist and crossed my hands. I then proceeded to wind the pantyhose over an under the crossed wrist, occassionally back looping it to secure it. As the pantyhose got shorter, I hopped toward the door. When there was about three feet of leg left on the pantyhose securing my wrists to the door, I then secured it snuggly, and then hopped to the door, releasing the knotted end. This is where the weight comes in. I then pulled my arms as far from by back as the ropes would allow, and then swing the knotted end over my crossed wrists several time, occassionally reattaching it to the door to pull it snug. When I got got all of the pantyhose secured as tight as comfortably possible, I then back looped it several time, securing it so that it would not work loose. At this time, I was completely bound and gagged. I then either carefully dropped to the floor or hopped to the bed and laid down. I would lay there, twisting around until I finally had several organisms. Sometimes this would take several hours.

Then the fun would begin as I tried to escape. If I did a good enough job, it would take me several hours to get out. The streteched pantyhose tying my wrist would slowly try to return to it's origional shape, making the knots holding my wrist tighter. One time, I was tied so secure that all I could do was wiggle my fingers. My arms were securely tied to my body.

If I was on the floor, getting up to my feet was difficult with the pantyhose on my legs. The extra support pantyhose was very slick with the lycra and it was almost impossible to get any traction on the carpet. With all of the knives and sissors put up high, I was left to my own agility to get loose. On the occassion that I did that fall, it was about four hours before I was able to wiggle and twist my wrist enough to loosed the pantyhose over my wrist.

Even though this session was long, it was not too uncomfortable as the pantyhose on my wrist are soft, yet very strong. I made sure that I used enough loops of rope around my body and legs to make it secure but comfortable. It is a dream of mine to be securely tied like this by a female and be totally under her control. I really love the idea of being snuggly secured. It would be great to be able to put oneself in a straitjacket.