Another experience that I had was trying to see if I could mummify myself.

Not having a willing partner, I had to improvise. First of all, I got dressed in my usual outfit (pantyhose, girdle, skirt, bra and top, and a pair of chucky maryjane high heels). The shoes area sensible and a I don't risk a twisted ankle, since I am not used to wearing heels.

I then tape gagged myself and took an old nylon stocking and pulled it over my head. I then took a roll of duct tape and proceeded to wind it around my head, covering everything except my nostrils and two small holes for my eyes. I made sure that the tape was not too tight to cut off circulation at my head.

Next came the shortened shackles for my feet. I first put the keys to the leg cuffs outside so I would have to wait until dark to get them off.

Before I did all of this, I prepared my bondage method. I took a roll of duct tape and attacted it to the bed post at the foot of my bed. The rope that tied the tape to the bed was tight enough to give it some tension as the tape was pulled off, but not too tight to bind up the roll.

For securing myself up, this is how I did it. I hobbled over to the foot of the bed and pulled off some tape. With my arms and hands at my sides, I began to turn around slowly, with the tape going first over my hands and finger, securing them to the sides of my thighs. As the tape unwound from the roll, I would pull against it to pull it snug. After securing my hands and fingers to my thights, I continued to slowly turn around, letting the tape work its way up my body, with each turn overlapping the other. With duct tape, it works best when it is stuck to itself.

As I got to my elbows, which were just below my padded breasts, I really pulled the tape hard to make sure that my elbows were held snuggly to my arms. I then worked the tape up to my shoulders, and since there was plenty on the roll, started to let the tape overlap and work its way down. Since my hands and fingers were secured to my thighs, I had to wait until the roll ran out before I could move away from the bed.

As the tape got to the end of the roll and pulled off, I then hopped on to the bed and rolled over on that side, securing the end of the roll to my body. I was now securely wrapped up in tape, without the ability to move anything more than my legs below my knees and my head. The tape around my head insured that I could not force the tape gag off with my tongue.

I then laid down of the bed and fell asleep. When I woke up, I got into a panic. However, with no way to open any doors, with my fingers taped up, I could not even go outside and look for someone to help me out. After about 6 hours of slowly flexing my fingers, I was able to stretch the tape enough to work a thumb and forefinger out. I then hobbled over to a work bench and got a pair of sissors. After about three more hours, I was able to cut some of the tape and begin to work my way out of the self made coccoon. By that time, it was dark, so I could go out to get the keys for the leg cuffs.

The nice thing about this bondage experience is that there are not rope of handcuff marks on your wrist or body. The tape hold you secure without cutting off circulation. You have to be sure that you don't leave any tape ends free that can cover your nose.

In case any readers are interested, I used gaffers duct tape instead of the regular type. Gaffers tape doesn't leave the tape residue like duct tape and ruin your clothes. It is also not as reactive to the skin like some brands of duct tape.