This episode was not quite as severe as my other session with bondage, but it presented a different sort of challange.

First of all I got dressed for the occassion. Since it was fall and cool, I put on black opaque pantyhose, a black jeans mini skirt, and a dark turtle neck top. I also got one of those big floppy knit hats that women wear in the fall. For shoes, I wore a pair of three inch high heel maryjanes. These had instep straps that would insure that they would not slip off as I walked.

I then drove over across town after sundown and put the keys to my handcuffs and to my legcuffs in a film can and put them at the base of a tree that could be easily identified in the dark. This tree was at the edge of a park.

I then drove about a half mile away to another neighborhood that didn't have many street lights and parked my vehicle. I then prepared for my session. First, I gagged myself with my ball gag and nylon stocking gag. This insured that I could not talk. I then wound a long scarf around my neck and face. Since it was a very cold night for the fall, this would not look too out of place.

I then locked the legcuffs on my ankles. I had wrapped the 15" chain connecting them with black tape to stop the klinking and also to keep them from shining in the limited light.

I then draped a coat over my shoulders and buttoned the top button. I put the keys to my vehicle in a small shoulder purse that I draped over my neck and over my shoulder and stepped as carefully as I could out of the vehicle. With my legs locked together with the shackles, this wasn't very easy. It would definitely make my walk a slow one. Slipping on mittin, I then, before I chickened out, locked the door and quickly locked the handcuffs on my hands behind my back. I was now stuck and had over a mile to walk, half of it in restraints. This was pretty scary, considering that I could have been discovered if someone was walking a dog or getting a late night walk in.

I started to walk to the park to get the keys. My heels clacking on the concrete, making a sound that I thought would wake the world. The shackles were really restricting my stride. The wind started to pick up and was really blowing up my skirt. I was glad that I was wearing those opaque pantyhose. I know now how women can wear short skirts in the winter. ( I used to see those high school kids waiting for their school bus, wearing nothing but a minidress and nylons and wondered how they stayed warm.)

This walk took longer than I thought, especially since I had to go several blocks longer to avoid a party that was getting out. I didn't plan on them.

After what I thought was several hours, taking those restricted steps, I made it to the park, and had to locate my tree. I finally found it and with much relief, unlocked my hands, and my shackles. I put them in my purse and started back to my vehicle. I had kept my gag on, so I would have to make sure that I avoided any people that might be friendly.

Finally, I make it back to my car and drove home where I used the ice cube in a nylon stocking method to secure the handcuff keys and then proceeded to blindfold myself and lock myself into a fairly tight hogtie and fell asleep. I only woke up hours later and found that the handcuff keys had long ago fallen on the floor. After some searching, I found them and got untied.

Hope your readers enjoy this episode. :)

< Note to author from Warhammer -- "again, many thanks to you for writing me with your experiences, and waiting patiently for more. :)" >