Variable Crotch Rope

I just spent the day trying out all the "Super Hogtie" ties. They were all very good ties, and quite exausting once I had got them tight enough. After each one though, I did add one more thing, a crotch rope. This crotch rope is what I call a variable crotch rope, in that it tightens and losens as the victim struggles.

  1. You tie a rope around the waist, the knot and excess rope in front.

  2. Tie a cinch knot in the end of the excess rope.

  3. Pass the cinch knot through the victims legs and tuck under the waist belt so it hangs lose in the small of the back.

  4. Prepare a set of wrist coils, and put in the cinch knot.

  5. Test the crotch rope by pulling hard on the knot. If it travels too far from the small of the back, re tie the waist belt to take up the slack.

Combine this with the the other ties by first putting your hands in this tie and then in the other one. Pulling on the wrists tightens the crotch rope up nicely, especially for us ladies :-)