I thought I'd tell you another story about my self bondage adventures. This one has a different twist, its what happens when a scene goes wrong.

Sometimes, ignorance can be dangerous. Take for instance the time I decided to surprise my current boyfriend with some bondage of my own. I had been practicing self bondage for many years by this time, so I should have known better. But I guess I was trying to impress him at the time, we had only been playing for a few months. I had had partners before but he was the first one who didn't take advantage of me, so I thought to reward him with him finding me suspended from the ceiling.

I thought I had planned correctly, the hooks I was planning to use, I had hung from before, so I knew they would take my weight. I was fairly good at tying knots, and I didn't expect to be hanging very long. Everything was covered. when the time came I undressed, and took two lengths of rope, tying each of then securely to my wrists, using lots of turns and loops and knots, they felt secure. In the loose end of each rope I tied a loop. I then got up on a chair I had placed under the hooks, and carefully flipped the rope up until I had one loop over each hook. It was my plan to be hanging with my arms apart, the first thing he sees when he walks through the door.

I planned on hanging for about ten to twenty minutes before he was due, so, when that time came I took a deep breath and slowly stepped off the chair. The strain on my arms and shoulders was no stranger, I had hung like this before, it was almost a welcome feeling. I kicked back and knocked the chair over, that way i couldn't change my mind, and settled down to wait.

It didn't take me long to realize something was wrong. Despite all the turns i had wound around my wrists, one loop on each wrist started to dig in far more than the others. Within a few minutes what had started as being mildly uncomfortable became very painful, and all the good feelings I had about hanging there disappeared. I wanted down! But I couldn't get down. I could not reach the chair, and where I hung there was nothing even close I could reach with my feet. Struggling only made things worse, the ropes around my wrists kept on tightening.

I tried to reach the ropes with my fingers, but I had no purchase, and they were quickly going numb. I remember crying from the pain, like someone was using a knife on my wrists. It was one of the more frightening experiences I had ever had with bondage.

My boyfriend finally came in and saw me hanging there. He immediately saw I was in trouble and grabbed hold of me and took my weight, somehow unhooking me. When the ropes were peeled away, we found one had dug very deep into each wrist, because I had used a knot that came loose and let another rope tighten. Now that blood was returning to my hands, which had turned a nasty shade of something, I could feel the pain even more. My boyfriend was pissed. He wanted to take me to the hospital to have my hands looked at, but I wouldn't let him. I was to embarrassed to go. I didn't want them asking questions. Not a sensible attitude i know, but at the time it made sense to me. My hands did turn out okay, no permernant damage, and my boyfriend later told me he wasn't so much angry at what I had done, but scared at what might have happened.

Just so you know that self-bondage isn't all fun and games!

Oh...I liked the conversation you put on your site, and I have a way of self tying my elbows, so they draw together. Unfortunately I havent thought of a way to get out again, but at least I'm halfway there. I just make a larger set of wrist coils and another cinch knot, and wriggle them up my arms to my elbows. I pull on the cinch rope, and my elbows are bound!

talk to you later!