Subject: self mummification

From: liketape

Anyway, self mummification is my personal favorite. My technique requires a high bed post though, so if you don't have one, get a new bed!! First, I'll wrap saran wrap around my feet and legs. I follow that up with duct tape covering every inch of the way up. I'll usually leave my 'manhood' exposed and pass saran and duct tape below and above. I like to wrap the saran and duct tape tightly around my torso creating essentially a corset. Getting saran to stay above your chest is difficult as it likes to roll down. To correct this, I'll use a dry cleaning plastic bag with an enlarged hole where the hangers go through. I put that over my head and down my torso enclosing my arms in it. I also wrap my arms in saran wrap, but no tape yet. If you're going to do anything else, (cbt or gagging, now is the time to do it!) From the high bed post, slide the duct tape roll over it...grab the tape and hop out as far as you can. Put the tape as high on your arm as you can, and then start hopping and spinning back to the bed. Balance can be tricky with this....You will eventually get a pretty good wrapping of your upper arms with this...If you can lift the roll off, do so, if not, have a second roll if you have lower bed posts at the other end of the bed...hop over there and put the roll on the lower post. Attach the tape somewhere around your elbows if you can, and start spinning. You should get an effective wind securing your wrists, hands and lower arms to your body. Then just hop(flop) onto the bed. Enjoy