Here's that story that I wrote that I think conforms with the spirit of your page. Feel free to use it, or not. Hope ya enjoy it.

- Linewlkr

She was certainly not a shy girl. Maybe inexperienced in some ways, but not one to be afraid to go out wearing tight fitting T-shirts with no bra. In fact she had been doing just that. Around the house and doing her gardening she had been wearing revealing tops and skimpy shorts as three young men were working on reroofing the house for the past several days.

As she kept an eye on the progress of their work, she was very aware that she was very attracted to their rugged tanned bodies, as they no doubt were attracted to her body.

One morning she came out of the upstairs bathroom in her bathrobe and passed the open door to the guest room. One of the men working on the lower section of the roof, in the window well, was looking right at her. She gathered her robe around her and scurried past the doorway.

She thought about how much worse it would have been if she had walked out of the bathroom nude... and maybe had not noticed him looking at her. At first her thoughts of being seen horrified her, but later, much to her surprise, she found herself getting turned on at the prospect of being seen in the nude.

That afternoon she lay on the bed in the guest bedroom with the blinds closed and brought herself to orgasm as she listened to them working outside the window, thinking about how it might be to have them see her with no clothes on... making her do things to them... doing things to her. After her climax she lay on the bed and thought about things.

Wouldn't it be interesting to be put in a situation where she might be seen... not really be seen by strange men while she had no clothes, but where the possibility existed... and to not be able to get out of that situation, at least for a period of time?

She got up, went to the window and pulled down on the sash cord that raised the blinds. A few pounds should do it, she thought, and went down to her husband's shop and found a piece of metal seemed to be the right weight. Back up in the guest room she tied the weight to the end of the sash cord and watched as the weight of it slowly pulled the blind all the way to the top, the sunshine of the hot summer afternoon streaming into the room. She pulled a straight back chair over to facing the window and placed it in the sunbeam.

She sat in the chair and soaked up the thought of sitting in the chair in the nude, exposed with the men working outside.

She removed the weight and went downstairs and prepared an empty plastic spice bottle, filling it half full of water and putting it in the freezer.

She found a small eyebolt which she took up to the bedroom and screwed into the molding at the top of the window.

Several hours later she took the bottle out of the freezer and placed some coiled string onto the ice with the ends hanging over the lip of the bottle. Filling the bottle with water she again put it in the freezer.

The next morning after her husband went to work, she took a long bath and carefully did her hair and makeup. Around ten o'clock she left the house, waving at the guys on the roof. She spent the next two hours at the shopping mall.

Arriving home a little after noon (when she knew the men would be at lunch), she parked her car down the street and walked to the house. She did not want the men to know she was home, in case they would knock on the door asking to use the phone or something.

She took the ice from the freezer and cut the plastic bottle from around the ice. She wondered how long it would take to melt. Not too soon she hoped.

Upstairs she arranged what she would need in the bedroom and made last minute touchups to her hair and makeup. If the unthinkable were to happen, she thought, at least she would look her best. Looking in the mirror, she let her dress drop to the floor and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor as well. She cupped her small pert breasts and gently pinched her small erect nipples, both horrified and excited that soon the men may be staring at them.

Wearing only white panties and white high heeled shoes she went into the bedroom. She tied the weight to the end of the sash cord, again testing its ability to open the blind. She tied another rope to the weight and ran the end through the eyebolt over the window. She lowered the shade and tied the end of the rope to the chair. The rope supported the weight, keeping it from pulling the blind open.

With her nervous excitement rising she took the ice and tied one string to the key and the other to the top of the back of the chair. When the ice melted the string would unravel letting the key drop down the back of the chair.

She sat down on the chair and stared at the closed blind. Sitting in the quiet room she was very aware of her exposed breasts... with the excitement within her building, she spread her thighs, placing her feet wide, putting her hands behind the chair, she looked down at her breasts, her white panties and white thighs. This was one act that she hoped the curtain would never go up on. On an impulse she went to the window and opened it about half a foot.

Sitting back down in the chair, she took a manila rope and securely tied an ankle to the outside of one of the chair legs. With another length of rope she tied her other ankle to the outside of the other chair leg. Sitting back she reassured herself that she would not be able to close her legs, not be able to hide her exposed inner thighs and white panties from anyone who might have an opportunity to look.

Taking a long manila rope and doubling it, she tied it around her chest just above her breasts and around the back of the chair. After two turns, pulled as tight as she could make them, she made two more turns on the underside of her breasts and knotted the end to the chair back.

Taking the leather cuffs she strapped one to each wrist.

Taking a deep breath she untied the rope from the chair holding up the weight. If she let go of the rope, she knew, the weight would pull open the blind... exposing her to anyone outside. Carefully she positioned the = rope in her mouth, biting down in it hard with her teeth. Letting it go she found that although it had a firm pull she did not think that she would have much of a problem holding it... for now, she thought.

Without hesitating she reached for the padlock, put her arms around the sides of the chair and snapped the lock into the rings on the cuffs, locking her hands behind the chair.

She sat quietly for a moment, the realization of what she had done sinking in. She explored the extent that she could reach up with her bound wrists. Trying every contortion, with her chest roped tightly to the back of the chair, she resigned herself to the fact that she could not reach the key, hanging too high up between her shoulderblades behind the chair.

The effort of struggling caused her to perspire in the hot room. Through her efforts she never lost concentration on tightly holding the rope in her mouth. She must not, under any circumstances, let it go.

She settled back and tried to relax, wondering how long the ice would take to melt and set her free. She felt the first drops of cool water hit her hands, thinking that in the hot room maybe she would not have to be stuck there for too long. She steadied her breathing and tried to relax, this wouldn't be so bad, she reassured herself.

Her confidence was short lived as she heard sounds of the men on the roof. A panic rose inside her as two of them stopped right outside the partially open window, talking quietly.

His wife sure has a nice little body, she heard one say. I'd sure love to squeeze those little titties... or just get a good look at them just once. She flushed with embarrassment and shot a glance down at her breasts framed with the ropes. Little do they know how close they are to getting just that, she thought.

They continued to talk about the things they would like to do with her... stick their dicks in her mouth... fuck her in the ass... As they talked she felt herself becoming aroused, her juices beginning to soak through her panties. She tried to fight her feelings of arousal, but could not stop it.

Finally they moved away from the window and she tried to settle herself down. Her wet hands told her that she may not have to be stuck there for too much longer.

After a while she realized that her jaw was getting tired from clenching her teeth on the rope. The weight seemed much heavier than at first. She tried to reach the end of the rope with her cuffed wrists. Nope, the rope was too short for that. She had made sure of that. She wished she had not been so efficient in her planning.

A few more minutes and she could feel a trembling in her jaw muscles. She prayed that the ice would finish melting soon.

After another period of time, while the men periodically moved past the window now and then, the ache in her jaw became a burning. She imagined the humiliation she would feel if she let go of the rope, the terror of them seeing her bound almost nude to the chair, her having to explain that she had done it to herself, them leering at her body. If only she had used a smaller ice cube, she moaned to herself.

Finally her stamina was overcome by the weight. With a moan she let go of the rope and watched with wide eyed horror as the blind slowly began to raise. Sunlight streamed in as the opening became larger, bathing her body in warmth.

Her eyes began to adjust to the light as the blind reached the top and she noted with little relief that she could see no one outside the window. But she could clearly hear them.

She frantically struggled against her bounds praying for the ice to finish its purpose and give up the key to her. She strained against the ropes around her chest. If only she could loosen them a little she may be able to reach high enough to grab the key. Looking down at the ropes she became aware that her naked skin was bathed in sunlight. The light made her feel even more exposed than before. She felt hot from her efforts bathing her in a light sheen of perspiration. No, the ropes above and below her gleaming breasts would not give at all. She had done too good of a job of tying them.

Suddenly, one of the men appeared at the window and moved off. He had not looked in. Only a matter of time, she thought with anxiety.

She felt something hit her hands. It was the key on the string. With a ray of hope she desperately grasped the key and fumbled with it in the lock. After several tries she successfully inserted the key in the lock and clicked it open.

Her hands free, she frantically pulled at the knots of her chest ropes, freeing her to work on the ankle ropes with one eye warily on the open window. As the ropes came off she quickly gathered them up (she couldn't just leave them there), and sprinted for the door as she heard movement outside the window. Just as she reached the door she heard a wolf whistle from behind her.

She dashed into the bathroom slamming the door and collapsed in a trembling heap, realizing how close she had come to being discovered. She lay back on the floor and gave herself a much deserved orgasm.

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