Date Added
Lillan's Hang Out Lillan Bass 10/27/97 Lillan Bass has an excellent page set up concerning cross dressing and self bondage. You MUST check out the 'Bondage Life' section, because she has scans and instructions for the Super HogTie, which has GOT to be one of the best self-ties one can inflict one oneself! The Super HogTie was originally on Warhammer's site, and was a contribution by EscapeArtist. Lillan has gone and modified the scans to make them more informative, and she's done an excellent job.
The Adventures of Terri and Jennifer Terri 12/14/97 Contains an index of chapters of this excellent, famous self-bondage series of stories.
Bedroom Bondage Kristine Imboch 12/14/97 The infamous Kristine Imboch now has her own domain!
HDK Video Henk 02/22/98 Bondage videos by Holland's premier B&D producer
the underground Webs 05/25/98 A great collection of pictures, vidcaps, and video offers with amateur bondage talent. Also contains vidcaps of damsels in distress, and comic-book bondage. This site is where the Mallory self-bondage pictures from this site can be found. Thank you, Webs, for your generous contribution of great self bondage pictures! Be sure to visit the Underground!
the sub shop Autumn 05/25/98 A fem-slave shop site with LOTS of neat bondage toys to keep you interested. Autumn models a lot of the toys herself! Go visit, and grab some equipment while you're there. There's also a running contest of photo, story, and poetry submissions. Thanks, Autumn, for linking my site! :)
Sgt. Katana's Self Bondage Page Sgt. Katana 05/25/98 The artist formerly known as Warhammer is back, and now on Tripod. Visit his page for more new stories, techniques, letters, and links! Note: 9/7/98 - This site is no longer up. Seems as though Sgt. Katana is having another dose of bad luck! Email him and help get his pages back up!!!
Viper's Self-bondage page Sgt. Katana 05/25/98 A self-bondage page by Viper containing more ideas, stories, and pictures
Truth or Dare AussieTVBondagelover 06/08/98 The Truth or Dare page has returned! Check it out for interesting Dares and posts from people who have done them! There are bondage related dares in there; look em up and have fun! (note -- I have just discovered the self-bondage discussion there, and there is a very good discussion with LOTS of really great ideas going!
Nat & Lisa's Fanasy Delta on Line 06/08/98 This is a contributed link to a site containing "bondage letters and novels from the whole world." This site is in both French and English.
Zoom Bizarre Fetish Design Helpless 06/08/98 This is one of my favorite "toy stores", but I've yet to buy anything from them due to the cost! :( My interest in them is with their lycra bondage items; they have some really nice stuff!
Bruce & Valerie's Lycra Spandex Website Helpless 06/08/98 Another great company with lycra bondage gear - bodysuits, mummy bags, catsuits, hoods, etc.
The Scarf Website Snowman 06/08/98 A website that links to bondage material involving scarves. Good stuff!
The Scarf Website - Volcane's Self Gag Sequence Snowman 06/08/98 This is a really interesting sequence of photos of a woman gagging herself with scarves.
Alice St. Kilda Alice St. Kilda 09/07/98 A great place for those with interests in self-bondage and cross-dressing.
World of Wool WoolLayers 09/07/98 A nice site for those interested in woolen bondages. There is a nice pictorial story on this site about woolen mummification!
Jenny's Site Jenn 09/07/98 Jenny is a TV/TS who has a strong interest in bondage. Her site includes many stories, including many that involve self-bondage.
Gromet's Self-Bondage Plaza Gromet 09/07/98 Gromet maintains a very interesting self-bondage page, with lots of interesting stories and techniques. Check out his mummification stories: excellent reading!
Alice's Sexual Obsessions Site Alice St. Kilda 02/21/99 A TV's page with some good, thoughtful self-bondage texts.
Harmony Concepts - Themes Helpless 03/01/99 Found this nugget a while back - Harmony Concepts, a company that creates incredible bondage videos and magazines, sells a video called, simply, "Self-Bondage". See for yourself; buy the video and let me know how good it is! Note: if the picture link there doesn't work, try this one.