Subject: a fun one to try

From: Lisa

your readers may want to try this its a fun one

  1. Get 4 pieces of rope about 4 ft long each
  2. Also get 2 coins
  3. tie one of the ropes to each bed frame leg at the bottom of the bed
  4. Get up on the bed and tie each ankle as close to the corners of the foot of the bed as possible
  5. Lay down and stratch your arms toward the top of the bed pointing to where the upper bed frame legs are
  6. Lay one coin where each of your hands are
  7. Untie your legs and get up without distubing the coins
  8. Put a slip knot (or noose) knot in one end of each of the remainign ropes
  9. Make the loops on the ropes just big enough to slip your wrists through
  10. Put the loops where the coins are
  11. tie the other ends to the upper bed frame legs so the ropes will be tight with your wrists in them
  12. get on the bed and retie your legs
  13. Lay down and slip your wrists into the slip knots and pull
  14. HAVE FUN use the noose knot in the attachment (the cinch noose of the super hogtie, see lillan's site) if you want to ensure no escape I have others if you like, tell me how it goes