Letter from Manfred
I had an experience where I did the super-hogtie.

I followed the pictures pretty closely.  I bought some
nylon rope and some rings from the "rope" aisle at the
local hardware super store.  After looking at the pictures
of the super hogtie again, I made the necessary

I stripped down and threw a knife into the living room.
I went into the bedroom and went to work. I put a
homemade leather ring around my cock and balls.  I
put clothespins on each of my nipples. I got out the
anal beads from the "toy chest" and put them up my
greased anus.  I tied a string to the foot of the bed
and tied the other end to ring attached to the anal
beads.  I left quite a bit of slack so the beads would
stay in until I got about half way to the knife.  I then
put myself into the hogtie.

Right away, the clothespins started to smart. I thought
I'd get rid of these first.  Unfortunately (or
fortunately), they did not come off easily. The only
way to get them off was to rub them back and forth
along the carpet.  They held on to my (by now) sore
nipples and made them hurt even more.  I finally was
able to get them off.  I started my wallow into the
living room.

I felt my shoulders and knees start to burn.  I was
going to get carpet burn. There was no avoiding it.
I had an incredible hard-on.  I was almost into the
living room when I felt the first anal bead pull on
my anus.  Through all the clothespin trouble, I forgot
about the beads. I inched along for a ways until all
5 beads made it out.  I was *really* turned on now,
yet I still had a ways to go.

I finally made it to the knife.  I cut the ropes loose
and relieved myself.

I had carpet burns for about a week.  I can't wait
to do it again.
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