Subject:      Re: teacher iso f student for e-mail training
From:         subgirl4u
Date:         1998/06/17
Newsgroups:   alt.personals.bondage

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> wrote:
> experienced master seeks willing girl for e-mail training in obedience,
> submission and sexual slavery.must be imaginative, totally frank and willing
> to obey instructions to the letter. reply with your brief bio, your favorite
> slave fantasy, your expectations as a slave. love...painmaster
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Sir I'm 26 yrs old 110 lds 5.5 blonde I've been using self bondage on myself
and exploring BDSM sites online for about a year now and feel I need a Master
to completly control me by E-Mail at first then maybe more. My most used
fantasy has me alone late one weekend I decide to try some self bondage so I
freeze a key to a small Master lock in a cup of water then set up my room
after the ice freezes I get undressed and put on my high heels 7" pumps that
I bought just for this after there secure I put a dog coller around my neck
and put a gag ball in my mouth once its secure I put a set of clothes pins on
my nipples abd tie my ankles tight then I put the frozen key within reach of
my hand on a rope but it has to melt first. finaly i handcuff my left hand up
making sure I can reach the key and then I lock my right hand to the chain
with my master lock so Im completly helpless till the ice melts wicth could
take hours. After about an hour my legs are aching from the heels and my jaw
hurts from the gag but the worst is my nipples there on fire but I cant do
any thing about it. around this time I hear a sound at my window someone is
trying to breake in I struggle but Im too good at binding myself all of a
sudden the window flies open and in walks a hughe man he's 6.7 and very
strong looking he looks ar me and laugh saying "guess someone beet me hear
tonight" I try to screem as he comes towred me but my gag wount give. the end
for now maybey you could finish it for me. please write love g