Letter from Mr. X
Here is my favourit selfbondage setup.
I live in a pretty big city. I like the ideer of being in front
strangers, unable to move, speak or do anything.

1) First i will freeze two strings together in a cup of water. best done
the day before.

2) Take two identical chairs an place them back to back.

3) Tie the frozen strings somewhere up and behind the chairs. Then take
a string and tie it so it hangs above the two chairs, and place the key
to your handcuffs on the end of it. Tie the frozen strings to the key
string so that you can not reach it from the chairs.

4) Now set one leg on each chair, and sit down on the back of the
chairs. This will hurt but that is the general ideer. tie each leg to
the end of the chairs.

5) Now set gag, blindfold, clamps etc.

6) Handcuff your hands behind your back and wait for the ice to melt.

7) When the ice melts the key falls to your hands and you can get free.

I usualy do this in front of a window, because then you will never get

Hope to hear from you soon.
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