by Maria Wells

My name is Maria, and I want to tell you about an elaborate piece of self bondage I managed to pull off a few weeks ago. It was during a time when we actually got some warm weather up here in the north country. I do a lot of self bondage at home and had been planning this one for months, just waiting for a good time to do it. When the forecast for the weekend was for 90+ temperatures, I knew that the time had come at last.

When the day finally arrived, I gathered everything I needed, and drove out of town to this huge public park. The park was up against a river that wound back and forth, creating smaller sub parks out of the big one. Over half the place was wooded, and trails led back and forth through most of it. It's major attraction to me was a stream that fed into the park from the surrounding fields. Thickly wooded along its entire length, few people made their way along it. I had been up it many times, and had never seen a sole while I took the opportunity to do some nude sunbathing. It was private.

Before getting out of my car, I went through in my mind my plan for the afternoon while finishing one of the bottles of water I had brought along. I knew it would be a while before I got another chance to drink again, so I wanted to make sure I was well topped up.

I climbed out and gathered up the plastic bag that held all the toys I was planning to use. In the car I left two of the many keys I would be needing this afternoon. I started walking toward my first stop, a point in the park as far away from the stream as possible. All I was wearing at this point was an oversized T-shirt. I wondered as I walked whether any of the guys playing touch football in the big open area surrounding the car park guessed that I was practically naked in front of them. I knew I got a few appreciative looks from a few of them and my nipples grew hard at the attention. I love it when guys look at me.

Into the woods I went and followed one of the trails a little way to a seldom used dead end. There I hid under a bush the key to my car, which I had locked behind me. Back along the trails and out into the open I crossed the open grassland once more, before entering the woods along the other side, following trails until I reached the stream.

The trail crossed the stream and continued on, but instead I looked around and, stepping into the water, waded upstream. The stream was shallow, and fast moving, the water while not warm was not cool either. It felt good on my bare feet. Eventually, I reached the point where I wanted to get out, and stepped carefully through the brush until I reached a small clearing I had used before for sunbathing in. Taking another quick look around, I slipped off my T-shirt and began to rip it to shreds. I did this quickly, for I knew that as long as the shirt was available I would be able to back out. Now that it was shredded I had least had the problem of getting back to my car nude. I also emptied and shredded the plastic bag so I couldn't use that either. I felt really good. The clearing was full of sunlight and I could feel the heat beginning to make me sweat. I spent a moment dancing nude about the glade, caressing my breasts and rubbing between my legs, enjoying the freedom.

Then I got down to work. The first thing I did was spray my entire body down with bug repellent. Already I was being besieged with winged life, and while I knew the spray wouldn't keep everything off me it would at least keep it down to a comfortable level. Then I sorted out my assorted chains and put on my harness gag. I had bought it on a visit to New York a year before and had gotten quite a lot of use out of it in that time. Instead of the usual ball gag this one was fitted with a ring gag, although a ball gag could be added easily with the addition of a snap on strap. I had used it both ways in the past, but this time I kept it as a ring gag, and soon began drooling down my front. This was locked on with a small padlock, the key of which was in my car.

I quickly set up the means of my release, which I will get to in a moment and then began putting on the rest of my restraints. A wide leather belt went around my waist, locked on of course, as were the leather cuffs that went on my wrists and ankles. The keys for these were at home.

Between my ankles was a wooden hobble that closed around my ankle cuffs like a set of stocks, keeping my legs about 18 inches apart. This was locked with one lock, the key to which was in my car. I walked around for a moment. To make sure I could. The waddle I was forced to adopt meant I could not go fast and the spread of my legs made me feel quite vulnerable. I loved it. I next attached two chains, one to each ankle. These thin, strong chains I threaded through rings on each side of my belt so that they ran up the outside of each leg. The chains were just long enough to poke through the rings. Kneeling down I pulled some more of the chains through the rings for slack and attached my wrist cuffs, one to each. Then I carefully stood up.

As my legs straightened, the chains pulled back through the rings at my sides, so that my hands were pulled and trapped. As long as I was standing I could not use my hands. To use them I had to kneel so I could pull out some slack. I have used this a lot at home and have enjoyed the "on again, off again" access it gives my hands immensely. The keys for this were of course at home. Now came the tricky part. I had hung from a branch over head a rope, carefully measured, on the end of which hung a key and a sock with some ice in it. Quite a bit of ice actually. I stuffed it with eight ice cubes I had brought in a thermos. The rope however did not hang straight down. It was attached at the key end to another rope that I had wrapped around a tree behind where I planned on spending the afternoon. It was attached by means of a 1" metal ring that the sock, filled with ice, had been threaded through before being tied to the key end of the rope. The ice prevented the sock from being pulled through the ring. I knew that once the ice melted the sock would easily fall through and the key would swing down within reach. I had used this method of release many, many times and it always worked.

Almost done, I knelt down in my chosen spot, and clipped a nipple clamp to each of my nipples, shuddering with pleasure at the sharp pain. The clamps were tight for I did not want them pulling off. They were attached to each other with a short chain which in turn was attached to a cord that I tied around a root directly between my legs. Now I was unable to stand. The last thing to do, I did quickly while I still had the nerve. I picked up the last lock, and, reaching behind me with both hands, I carefully locked my wrists together. This lock was opened by the key attached to the rope.

So there I was, sweating in the heat. The sun warm on my skin. The insects buzzing around. Drool falling from my mouth on top of my breasts. Unable to stand, unable to close my mouth, unable to swat the bugs that did land on me. I was very much unable to take advantage of the increasing wetness between my open legs. It was intensely frustrating and yet wonderful! I had no real idea how long I would be forced to wait for my freedom. At home eight ice cubes would keep me trapped for hours, but in this heat I expected the ice to melt a lot faster. I figured it would be at least a couple of hours. I tried to make the best of it, shifting my weight every once and a while. But every time I pulled up a little a hard tug at my nipples would remind me of how little movement I had.

I could lean forward to release the tension, which helped somewhat. I knelt there I beginning to make plans on how to improve my bondage next time I tried this. Every so often I would have to shake my head to discourage the bugs that were trying to land on my face. Some of the braver ones were even trying to enter my open mouth, which I could really not do much about. The worst/best thing about the bugs were the ants. The bug spray did little to deter them and after a while hardly a moment went by when I didn't have one or two on me. One place they crossed often, due to the lack of spray there, was my pussy lips. Spread open by the position of my legs, the feeling of all those little feet running up and down my labia and across my clitoris was exquisite. It made me horny as hell and I was totally unable to reach around and do anything about it.

I was just reaching the point when I began to moan in frustration, when I heard voices farther down the stream. I quickly stifled my moans, and my panic level rose quickly. It was men's voices I heard. A couple of guys by the sound of it. I could hear them sloshing through the water and laughing about something. I pulled and tugged at my bonds, but was unable to create any slack in their well-made designs. Raising myself up to stand only rewarded me with a strong, painful tug on my already tortured nipples. I was not going anywhere. I was not even changing position. My only chance was that I would be hidden by the bushes and trees between me and the stream. With the sun shining full on me I felt like I was under a spot light.

I tried to keep as still as I could. It was difficult with the bugs trying to crawl into my mouth and the ants seeming to hold a convention on my clit. I could feel small shudders as my orgasm from the stimulation of their feet began to build, indeed had been building for sometime. I tried to think neutral thoughts. A flash of color through the trees, and the guys passed by. I almost collapsed in relief until I realized that they would have to pass by again on their way back. There was no way out of the stream farther down, the brush making it impenetrable. I wondered what they were doing down here, then I remembered that the flash of color I saw resembled a shirt one of the football players in the park was wearing. I hoped those guys weren't looking for me, but I suspected they were. Maybe they did notice I wasn't wearing anything under my shirt when I passed them by?

I didn't have long to wait for them to come back, and I held my breath as they got close. To have them find me here, like this, might be too much for me to handle. I was too helpless, too open. I was lucky. They passed by again without seeing me. I waited as long as I could before giving into to the orgasm that had been building and building for what seemed like hours. When I was done I almost laughed at the thought that I had been pretty much fucked by nothing more than ants. I guess size really doesn't matter!

I felt the thump against my back of the key rope being released. By then the sun was a lot lower in the sky, and I had orgasmed a couple more times. I was tired, cramped, and thirsty. My hair had stuck to my face from all the shaking about I had done, and my nipples were like two little fireballs attached to my chest. I almost didn't get the lock that held my hands together undone, so stiff I was, but at last I was able to reach around and release the clamps that held me down. The feeling in my nipples returned in a rush and I just knelt with my hands massaging my breasts for a few minutes until the pain died away to a dull throb. Then I rubbed the tender flesh between my legs and gave myself one more orgasm for the road. I still had a long way to go though.

I stood up, my hands getting drawn to my sides, and surveyed myself. I was covered in sweat, the debris of tiny bugs and dirt stuck to my skin. Bug bites made themselves known to me again as movement returned to my limbs. My mouth was very dry from being open all this time, although the ache in my jaw was a familiar feeling to me. I spend more time at home gagged than I do ungagged I love it so much.

My first thought was water though. All I had was in the car, but getting to it would take some time so that only left the stream. I wasn't too keen on drinking a lot of water from the stream. Like many city people I wasn't too sure about how clean it was. But at the very least it would do to take the edge off my thirst. I stumbled through the brush toward the water, my arms useless at my sides. This meant that I had to use my body to push aside the leaves and branches that blocked my way.

This deposited even more gunk on my sweaty body and the whipping of the branches swinging back behind me made me feel like I was walking through an S&M bar. One especially stiff sapling caught me right across the ass making me yelp out in pain. I hoped that those guys were no where near as I stepped into the water. It had been a long time since I saw them so I doubted they were still around.

I knelt down, the water feeling good over my legs and sex and leaned forward to drink. I could now use my hands to scoop water into my ring gagged mouth and I almost took a bath where I sat the water felt so good. Once done I forced my way back to my glade, and kneeling again gave myself another coating of bug spray to replace what I had sweated and washed off. I planned on leaving everything here to be collected later, so I made my way empty handed back to the stream and cautiously toward the park.

Now I knew I would probably be released before the sun went down and that people would probably still be about. I hoped that the lateness of the hour would thin out the crowd somewhat. If I was careful I would be able to make my way to my car key and then to my car without being seen.

One look at the car park which was visible from the edge of the tree line dashed my hopes of reaching my car anytime soon. The football guys were still there, having a party of some kind. I could see and hear that they had been joined by some of their girlfriends and that they were having a cookout of sorts. There were very few cars left in the lot however, and I thought that at the very least I might make it to my car key without being spotted. It would mean that rather than a relatively short waddle across open grass I would have to sneak around following the trails that circled the park. I debated whether should just go back to my clearing and wait them out, but decided that stumbling around in the dark might be dangerous and might prevent me from finding my key at all. So away I went, very slowly.

Barefoot from the neck down, my legs held apart by a set of 18 inch stocks. My hands held at my sides and my mouth held wide open by a metal ring attached to my head with straps. Wasn't I a sight? Not something you would want to bump into. But then, dear reader, knowing the kind of stories you like to read I bet you would like to have bumped into me on that woodland trail!

It was slow going. The park was forced by the river to bend back on itself a lot, so the trail I had to take was the better part of a mile long. Through it all I had to keep an ear cocked for anyone coming, and eyes open for places I could hide if someone did. It didn't take me long to realize how bad my situation was as far as hiding was concerned. I couldn't move fast enough to get out of sight if someone did suddenly put in an appearance. Many times I thought I heard something and took evasive action behind a tree or bush. I was slowed further by the hobble. Many times the trail narrowed to a point where I had to maneuver sideways using my feet rather than my legs for locomotion. I fell down a couple of times. Not being able to use my hands to catch myself I quickly learned to roll to one side so I could land on one shoulder.

Very soon I was again covered in dirt and leaves and this made me even more attractive to the bugs as I slowly sweated off the bug spray I had reapplied earlier. They buzzed around me landing everywhere making me jump and fidget. But I was lucky. I was never seen.

I made it the whole way around the park without being spotted, although I took so long the sun had really dropped in the sky. I found my key where I had left it, and shoved my way behind some bushes where I could rest for a while before seeing if I could get to my car. Thirsty didn't begin to describe my condition. The rumble in my stomach told me I had better get something to eat soon too. But From where I sat I could hear the party the football players were having so I knew my car wasn't yet free.

I lay flat on my back and stared up at the canopy above me, listening to them play. I wondered how long it would be before I would be able to make a break for my car. It seemed only moments later that it was a lot darker, and I realized that I must have dropped off to sleep. My tongue felt like something was nesting on it and as I sat up I tried spitting out whatever insects had invaded my open mouth. That was when I realized what had woken me. Someone was arguing, and it was a big argument.

Taking advantage of the darkness I got up and slowly waddled through the bushes. Back on to the trail, I following it to the edge of the open grass. From just inside the tree line I could see in the fading light that the football players had been joined by two more cars filled with kids in leather jackets. The two groups were arguing about who had a right to be there and the football players looked like they were packing up to go. Was one group going to replace the other? I had hoped that once the football players left I would have the park to myself long enough to get to my car. It seemed that I wasn't going to get my wish though. I watched with a sinking heart the last of the football players drive off leaving the leather guys behind. A smaller group, they made up for their size in the amount of noise they made and I could see that most of them were drinking.

I found a place next to the trail where I could kneel and watch them, and as total darkness came I wondered when I would ever get home. Then tragedy struck. The only car left in the lot apart from theirs was mine, and this attracted the attention of a couple of them. They walked around it a few times, checking the doors, and looking around as if to see if its owner was about. Then one of them stood by the driver's door and started working with something in his hand. In a moment he had the door open and I held my breath. I hoped they weren't planning on stealing the car, but they just rummaged through it and closed the door again. Then one of them produced a knife and I could hear the pop of each tire as he slashed each one.

I started to cry as I heard them laugh about it and was feeling pretty bad when the police car drew up. The cop got out and started talking to them, and I could hear his clear voice telling them the park was closed after dark and that they had to leave. While these guys had been loud in front of the football players, they were meek in front of the cop, and before long they got back into their cars and pulled out. The cop waited until they were gone before walking over to my car and looking at it with a flashlight. Then he started shining it at the trees, looking for its owner. I almost stood up, wanting to get his help in getting out of my bondage, but something inside me wouldn't let me show myself in this condition, so I hunkered down and he didn't see me.

His last act was to take down my license plate and write me a ticket, before driving away himself. At last I was alone. Feeling very stiff, I wasted no time in waddling out to my car. I felt very vulnerable out in the open, naked as I was, and I hopped that those guys weren't planning on coming back once the cop left. The driver's door was still unlocked and I sat and drew my legs up so I could reach the ashtray where I left the keys. They were still there.

I first unlocked the hobble, the ability to close my legs very welcome, then I unlocked and took off my gag. Wow that felt good, being able to close my mouth after so long seemed like heaven. I spat out every little piece of grit that had accumulated and reached for my water. It wasn't there. Nothing else was missing because there had been nothing else left in the car to steal. I had cleaned it out so that I couldn't use anything to cover myself during my nude drive home. I got out and in the dim light took a look at my tires. Sure enough they were all flat, but I figured flat or not I would have to drive on them to get home. At least it was only a couple of miles into town and then a short drive through it.

Climbing back into the drivers seat I scooted it forward so I would have enough slack in the chains attached to my wrists to drive, but when I tried to stick the key into the ignition I found I had a problem. Something had been jammed into the ignition switch and broken off. I could not get the car started and that meant I could not get it home. I did cry, long and hard. The weight of the day came crashing down on me and it was no longer fun.

How the hell was I supposed to get home, nude and chained hand and foot. After a bit I climbed out of the car, my hands once more getting drawn to my sides, and looked toward the entrance of the park. It was a good thing I did for I saw to cars slow down to take the turn into the gate. The leather jackets were coming back. I ran back to the tree line, thankful that now I could and hid before they got to close. As they continued their party I thought long and hard about what my options were. I had to face the fact that they were limited. I could show myself to these guys in the hope that they would take me home, but I really had no illusions what they would really do with a helpless naked woman if they found one. I had to suppress a shudder. Or I could sneak out of the park and attempt to make my way home as I was. Something that didn't appeal to me either.

Yet it felt like the safer of the two options, so away I slunk. I followed the trails toward the gate, moving easier now that I wasn't hobbled. I didn't feel very comfortable though. My stomach was yelling for food and water, my feet hurt and with the sun going down the air was cooling quickly. I did reach the gate without a problem though, and with a last look back toward my car, slipped through the gate and out onto the open road. The road that passed the park was a lightly traveled one that was bordered on both sides with deep ditches. If I kept my eyes open I wouldn't have any problem hiding from the occasional car that passed by. I was more worried about what would happen when I reached town.

There the street was well lit, the traffic heavier and the cover more scarce. If I didn't want to be seen, I would have to be very careful indeed. So I walked. Arms held at my sides, unable to cover myself without first kneeling or sitting down on the ground. At home I enjoyed the submissive nature of being bound this way, having to place myself in a submissive position to be able to do anything with my hands. It always excited me sexually.

Now my hands strained to hide my charms whenever I heard a noise and when I saw lights approaching I would quickly scurry into a ditch and lie flat on my front in the hopes that I wouldn't be seen. Approaching town I had to slow down and take a good look before going on. The road I had been following had up to now been in darkness, but street lights lit it up from this point on. I could no longer walk normally. I would have to pick my cover and rush from spot to spot.

At least it wasn't residential. This part of town was scattered with small shops and factories. If I got off the road and stuck close to the buildings I could move from one to the next without being seen from the road.

So that's what I did. Running cross parking lots, dashing from hiding place to hiding place. I ever so slowly made my way closer and closer to my home. Eventually I ran out of buildings to hide behind and I took to hiding in peoples yards as houses made their appearance. I was almost spotted a number of times and one time was pinned under the bright light of an oncoming car as I crossed a road. I heard a yell and dashed between a couple of houses and hid behind someone's shed for a while, while my heart slowed down from the fright.

I was amazed to find out I was getting turned on by this and after a while, in some perverse way I began to enjoy it. But all good things come to an end. I eventually made it back to my home, many hours after I left the park, without being caught, and using a spare key I got inside. After I got my chains off I climbed into the tub and filled it with me in it, not wanting to move again. Then after the hot water eased my pains I climbed out and raided the kitchen for food and drink before falling into a deep sleep.

The next morning I woke late and hurriedly dressed for work. Since I had no car I had to call for a cab. When it came I told the driver where I wanted to go and was rewarded with a strange look. As we drove The driver kept glancing at me but didn't say anything. I wondered if my make up had smeared or something to warrant such attention.

As I came into the office instead of the usual greetings I felt people staring at me, but put it down to my being so late. It wasn't until I got to my desk that I saw why I was such an object of curiosity. Spread out on the desk was a newspaper with a color photo of a naked woman (tastefully blurry in the right spots) running across a parking lot under a bright light. The picture was very detailed, and there was no problem at all making out the face of the woman. It was me. My heart stopped. I felt drained of blood. I looked up at my coworkers who were all watching me. In the break room, which I could see into from where I was standing I could see that the TV was on and our local morning show was on. The anchors were joking about how several businesses in the north part of town had captured something interesting on their security cameras over night. Identification of the woman was being withheld until police contacted her.

The last thing I saw before I fainted was my boss, policeman in tow, making his way to my desk.