Subject: Re: Playing solitaire.

From: Edward Date: 1998/06/07

Newsgroups: soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm

Graham wrote: > > Hi all! Just a delurk to introduce myself. > > My name is Graham and I enjoy bondage and mild(ish) S&M. However my wife > doesn't but sometimes will tie up and role play to stop me pestering her! > I've told her the only way to keep me quiet is with a lockable ball gag but > she doesn't get the hint. I've thought of using the services of a pro but > they are far and few here. > > This means I sometimes have to resort to tying myself up. The trouble is I > have to have access to the keys so it means I'm not totally helpless which > defeats the purpose. However I've found to few 'tricks' to maximise my time > alone. > > 1. My wife sometimes visits her mum who lives over 100 miles way and so she > will stay the weekend so I put the keys for the handcuffs and all the > padlocks in a padded envelope and post the keys to myself on a Friday night > so they won't arrive back until Monday morning. > > 2. Usually I don't have this long so I tie a long piece of string to a > handcuff key. I then drop this key into a bowl of water and put the bowl in > the freezer for a couples of hours. When it's frozen good and solid, I then > lock the link of the handcuff to something solid like an eye in the > doorframe or headboard and put the keys for the padlocks out of reach. I > then tie myself up and before putting the handcuffs on, tie the string from > the key round my wrist before putting the cuffs on. It's surprising how long > ice can take to melt so you can retrieve the key. I often use a blindfold > so I can't tell how much the ice has melted. I've found the time can vary > quite a lot depending on a) how long the bowl is left in the freezer. (mine > can go down to -15 C ). b) The size of the bowl used. > > 3. A shorter one is to thread some string through the springclip of some > clothespins and fasten the string to something solid. Then I attach the pegs > to my nipples and genitals and cuff my hands behind my back. I put the keys > well away so the only way I can access them is to back away which causes a > lot of pain when the pegs are pulled loose. > > 4. Another one I sometimes use if my wife is away overnight is to place the > keys at the bottom of the garden then dress up in her clothes and then tie > myself up. This means I can't get the keys at best until it's dark but I > always wait until I know the neighbours are sound asleep. > > Just thought I'd share this in the hope that someone will post new ideas for > me to try. I know from reading your post what an ingenious bunch you can be. > :-) > > Yours Graham. ( Remove please no spam to email.) Some excellent suggestions.The ice cube trick is of course an old favorite, but there are others. acouple of favorites: An old ocilating fan with a stand can make an excellent toy for flogging.The idea is simple, you cut off two of the blades and most of the third, so that only about eight inches of the last blade is intact. Then tie some leaather strips to some holes through the end of the last blade.Tie yourself underneath this rig, and when the fan is turned on it whips the leather over your skin, and even adjuists the angle as it does so that you don't constantly get whipped in the same spot.You have to leave the eight inches or so though, otherwise the leather wraps around the spindle and does nothing. Adding a timer to the fan power, the kind you turn lights on and off with when you go away is a good way to get a little surprise just when yer starting to feel comfy. Timers are in fact wonderful things for self bondage. most vibrators can be hooked to a wall power, and if they aren't designed for it it is a simple matter to solder some wires from a transformer left over from an old answering machine or nintendo to the battery terminals.HAving the vibrator on the same timer as the fan is a rather nice way to pair sexual feelings and pain too

ALso some dildo's even move in and out....hmmmmmm ... Ass plugs are often inflatable, and it doesn't take too much imagination to figure out that a small air compressor (very small those things don't need very much to get VERY large) and timer set to activate at an interesting time can be interesting.On the same subject, most hardware stores carry a small water pump meant for windshield washer pump replacements.If enema's are your thing(they aren't mine...I'm shitting water for days after and it makes me uncomfortable for a couple days) then the possibilities there could be interesting. THere are some other various ways to make sure you can't get away till you want to too. A good one is by light or being able to see. Use a combination lock in a critical point to secure yourself, and make sure there are no lights with in reach, or else through the circuit breaker. You can't open the lock until it is morning, when the sun is up, and then open it and make your way to whereever the rest of the keys are. timers,....what a wonderful device. I once saw something somewhere where the fellow used a solenoid as a bolt on a lockbox. He simply hooked the solenoid to a timer device(which was inside the lock box too, with just the cord coming out of the box) and used it as the bolt to lock the box. the idea is simple, until the timer runs out and withdraws the bolt via the solenoid the box containing the keys would not open. Seemed like a good idea to me,m though I am involved in a bdsm relationship so I never had cause to try it. One key thing to keep in mind however is safety. In an ideal world everyone would have someone to check up on them should they not report in by a certain time. In a realistic world many people do not. Some suggestions : Use a form of bondage that is entirely escapable at some point in other words use a sure thing. Good example is the padlock method.The sun WIll come up, even if the day is SUPER cloudy you should be able to see the numbers on a combination lock in the morning. Use weights when doing the ice cube trick. This is because a wet string CAN and WILL catch on the hook by sheer friction.A weighted key on one side of the ring with the ice cube on the other side is a good method. just my 2 cents