Damn, Just "Released" Myself from Ties
Author:   Trish
Date:   1998/12/26
Forum:   soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm


    I didn't know much about self-bondage until I came accross some
techniques and illustrations on the 'net and I had to give it a try. I
wanted to try something fancy like my own variation of an "arm to leg
hogtie" I saw illustrated on a website last night:


The technique describes how you can hog tie yourself with your legs strapped
up against your chest. I had a knife ready in case I ran into trouble. I
figured I'd squirm around on the floor for awhile and either escape or cut
myself free. My "variation" allowed me to securly hold my upper arms against
my knees before placed my hands behind my back. A bit too securly,
unfortunately. I looped my wrists together behind my back and cinched the
knot which served to both hold the wrist loop tight and to tether it to my
bound ankles.

    It was then I noticed the problem. With my upper arms held very by the
sides of my kness, it didn't leave any room for movement when my hands were
pulled tightly behind my back. When I fell to my side, that was it. I
couldn't move. Period. I couldn't move any of the ropes to get free. I
couldn't get back up on my feet. I couldn't even roll over. The big problem
wasthat I couln't muster up enough "squirm" to move across the floor towards
my knife. I was stuck. At about 7:30 this morning, I finally managed to free
myself by finding a weakness in one of my knots.

    If anyone's interested, I'll write more about the experience later. But
right now, other than a handful of uncomfortable 10-minute naps throughout
the night, I haven't had much sleep.