Hi Helpless,

Do you remember the letter (I think it was on your site, if not, it was
definitely on one of your linked sites) about a guy who decided he couldnt
go to the loo unless he beat the computer at some game - it was sort of
along those lines.

Along similar lines I have been thinking of writing a 'self-bondage
computer game'.  I'm a professional programmer - so this would be quite
easy for me.

I would like your comments on the following - do you think there would be
any interest?  Perhaps you could make a posting and see if there is any
interest from others.  (I make make the game available as FREEware if there
is interest).

The 'game' would allow a player to set up a list of tasks to be performed e.g.

Tie left leg to chair - Tie right leg to chair - apply nipple clamps - etc.

The computer would pick these at random for the player to perform.  The
game would be 'intelligent' enough to know that it cant get you to (say)
tie your ankles after your wrists have already been bound.  Each action
would have a time delay between them, also set by the player.  To make the
game a little more visual - it could randomly display the players favourite
images to view while he's waiting for the next instruction from the computer.

I expect the game to allow the users to set up different senarios so that
there would not be incompatible actions.  The player could let the computer
pick a senario at random - or he could 'play' a specific senario.  Also, if
people were interested in the game - they could also post senarios to share
with others.

I would appreciate your thoughts.

>as for your experience, i really enjoyed reading it and was wondering
>how you kept the slip knots on your wrists from cutting off your
>circulation.  i used to try that technique to bind my wrists but always
>hated how sharp the ropes would dig into my wrists.

I avoided this by first making a small noose at the ends of the rope that
didn't slip.  The noose that my wrist goes through was made my passing the
rope through the smaller noose.  That way the rope was only tight around my
wrist if I struggled or put on pressure.  If I relaxed - the rope slackens
around my wrist and so not cut off the circulation - but not enough to get
my hand out again.  If I tried that - it would just tighten again.

Best Regards