Letter from Southbound

Got your e-mail regarding Zoom-Bizarre.  Yes, both body suits were
lycra, one black and one red.  The material appears to be quite sturdy,
and stretches enough to mold itself to the body.
The black material seems to have a sheen to it that is not so evident
with the red.  Both were "made to measure" and included attached gloves
and hood.  The black has zippered eye holes while the red one has
zippered eye and mouth openings.  Quality of finish and fit are
excellent.  I think Zoom's prices are extremely inexpensive compared
with a lot of stuff out there.  Delivery can be several weeks to a
couple of months, which they are trying to improve.  However, since they
don't charge your credit card until they are ready to ship, you are
really not out of pocket for any length of time.  Thomas Freidriech (not
sure of spelling) has been super freindly and very helpful in working
out problems or customizing what you want.  I am a big fan of this site.
You will probably see some pics of me there in the near future.

Speaking of favorite sites, yours is one of mine.
I have had you bookmarked since I found you a couple of months ago.  I
have been a self bondage aficianado since I was a kid,  40 plus years.
The bones and muscles aren't as limber as they used to be so leather
cuffs and chains have replaces rope bondage.  I have a large selection
of hoods, including one from Zoom, a sleepsack from Fetters and other
assorted goodies.  I really enjoy your site, particularily the info
section and the stories.

Keep up the good work,

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