Letter from Southbound, part 2

No, you had not responded to my message. Thanks for the line on the
spandex company.
Maybe I'll try them out.

The Fetter's sleepsack is leather and custom fit.
It has internal sleeves down the sides with zippers on the inside which
makes self bondage feasible.  You slip your arms into the sleeves while
putting it on and then you can use your hands to snap the collar shut
and close the main zippers.  Once you have the sack closed you can move
your hands back inside the sleeves and close the zippers by pulling
laces attached to the zippers.  Opening the zippers is a chore but it
can be done.

I usually wear a leather hood at the same time and have added some holes
to the collar so that I can lock the hood to the sack and lock the main
zipper closed.  I keep a set of keys attached to the main zipper with a
boot lace so the lace and keys are on the outside.  Once the hands are
out of the internal sleeves I can work my fingers outside the bag where
the main zippers are locked together and work the keys inside so I can
unlock the main zip padlock.

There is a set of six body straps that can be used to tighten the sack
around the body and rings on either side of the main zipper in front to
lace the sack together even more.  I can do all this alone by proceeding
in the proper order.
Believe me it is super intense, particularily when your mouth is stuffed
with a gag under the hood.  The hood by the way laces very tightly with
a zipper flap that closes over and conceals the laces. It has only two
holes at the nose for air.  There are also straps at the mouth and eyes
as well as one that goes from the chin over top of the head.  The
longest I've stayed in it has been about 4 hours.

I believe the sleepsack cost about $800 about twelve years ago.  I think
it's about $1200 now.
Mr. S in San Francisco makes it.  The idea of the internal sleeves was
mine and now they offer them as a standard accessory.  Pretty neat. huh?

Thanks again for the info, talk at you later.

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