Letter from Southbound, part 3
Hi again:

Just got your e-mail. Yes, you may post my description.  One correction,
regarding the internal sleeves, which I realized when I read your
e-mail.  I thought up the zippers for the sleeves, not the sleeves.  I
was trying to figure out a way to use the sleeves in a self bondage
situation and the zippers seemed to be the answer.  Fetters made the
addition, it worked and the rest, so they say is history.  And no, I
don't get any royalties.  Sigh!

Regarding the spandex items from Bruce & Valerie, you are going to hate
me, but I ordered a mummy bag from their on-line catalog right after I
received your info.  They had one in stock with a closed face hood.
They sent it right out and I received it 3 days later.  The workmanship
is very good I thought.  It does not have internal sleeves as you said
but that makes it a little easier to get on.

As a matter of fact I was napping in it this afternoon, probably while
you were e-mailing me.  It's a little tricky getting into, because the
zippers are in the back.  I solved the problem by putting it on with the
zips in front and then worming around in it until the bag rotated and
the zips wound up in the back.  Operating the zips from inside,
particularily to unzip takes a bit of doing, but isn't that what it's
all about?  I had my full body suit from zoom-bizarre on also so I
was double sheathed in spandex.  Very sensous feeling.  Anyhow, I
thought the quality is good and it's a great value.

Hope this helps,

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