Letter from Rick

Reading the letter from Master LLevon, I have a suggestion for him or
for any self bondage fans with a masochistic streak.

    Take six cords about eighteen inches long.  Using a lark's head knot, 
    tie the center of each strand to a pair of handcuffs and then about 
    six inches down, tie the two strands together with an overhand knot.  
    At the end of each strand, tie a clothespin. Tie a twelve inch thread 
    to the handcuff key.  The thread must be light enough that you can 
    break it fairly easily.  Don a collar and tie the key to the back of 
    the collar so the key dangles in the middle of the back.  You need to 
    be able to reach it to get loose.

    Now, attach the clothespins to you scrotum and penis (or any other 
    sensitive area you wish).  Finally lock your wrists together behind 
    you with the handcuffs.  Now you are in a fix.  You can't reach up to  
    the middle of your back to get the key without pulling off the pins.  
    If the lengths are right, you can't reach around front either, you are 
    going to have to pull them off.

    By using the lark's head knot to attach the cords to the cuffs, there 
    is no knot  that you can untie within reach.  By tying the cords 
    together six inches down, you can't pull off one pin and loosen the 
    knot at the cuff to avoid pulling off the other pin of the pair.
    The longer you leave the pins on, the more they are going to hurt 
    coming off.

    When I moved away from my Mistress of several years, she used this tie 
    to torment me from afar, commanding me to wait thirty minutes before 
    freeing myself.  It is adaptable to other positions.  For example, 
    lying on the floor, arms tied in one direction (where the key is 
    located), pins tied in the other direction.

    I also enjoy using chains in self bondage.  Place a padlock in the 
    last link of the chain.  Wrap the chain around a wrist and pass the 
    hasp of the open lock thorough a link to bind that wrist (don't lock 
    padlock yet).  Now wrap the chain around the other wrist and pass the 
    hasp though a chain link, trapping that wrist.  Now lock the padlock.  
    The chain should form a figure eight around the wrists with the lock 
    hasp passing through three links--the end link, the link between the
    wrists and the link in the body of the chain completing the figure 
    eight.  It takes a little twisting and coodination to get the lock in 
    place and locked, but it can be done.  It makes a good hogtie.  You 
    can secure your wrists and ankles with plenty of slack between them.  
    Then you can shorten the hogtie easily with another padlock.
    The chain makes a quick spreader bar.  Just pass it though a piece of 
    PVC pipe of the desired length.  Also try passing the chain through a 
    four foot PVC pipe.  Then do the figure eight lock with ankles at one 
    end and wrists at the other end of the pipe (using longer pipes can 
    make this quite a bit more severe).
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