Subject: autobound

From: Rockettt

The excitement started to build as soon as I locked the door. No one around and no interruptions for the rest of the night!. With no bondage partner, I really have to pick my times for self- restraint. When I've got time, tho' I'm really pretty proficient at self-bondage (and self-release-Very important). The prospect of the whole night and tomorrow with no interruptions or possibility of discovery really made my pulse pound. The first order of business was to assemble the ropes toys and clothes so everything would be handy. One has to be properly dressed for these occasions. The first item to go on was the cock ring and butt plug. A good lube job made everything pop thru' without much trouble. Likewise for the butt plug. The crotch strap and waist belt cinched the whole package together, pinching my waist in in readiness for the corset that was to come later Next came the crotchless catsuit, which makes the corset lace up much easier. Then I laced on the knee high 5 inch heeled boots. Lacing these hot looking things on will turn almost anybody on- It certainly has that effect on me anyway. I was breathing hard when I finished even tho the corset wasn't even on yet. My breathing wasn't the only thing hard either. As I zipped up the heavily boned corset and began tightening the laces, I began thinking about how I wanted to be bound for the evening. Hogtie? Chairtie? Something more complicated? As I got the laces as tight as they would go, I decided on the chair. Next I put together the escape mechanism. When I use a chair, I hang a knife from the ceiling so that it reaches the floor, then suspend the knife up near the ceiling using a suspended 3/4 inch split ring, a loop thru the hole in the knife handle, and an ice cube. I pass the knife loop thru the suspended ring and loop it around and ice cube. Then when the knife falls, it makes no difference whether I'm still upright or I've fallen over. Either way I can get to either the string or the knife. I've never been able to find anything that is not foolproof about this. Just don't be under the knife when it falls. For my chair ties, I like to use a small bentwood cane bottom chair. Since it is light, it won't injure or bruise too badly if you tip over. It doesn't look like much, but if you rope up right you are completely immobilized.. I set up the ice and knife now, knowing that it would last about 40 to 50 minutes before dropping the knife. Next, I set up the video camera. I like to see what my handiwork looks like after I'm done. Now I was ready for the chair and the ropes. This is the real thing! I laid out all the ropes so as to be accessible from the chair, including the double wrist loop and zip tie I use to secure my hands then began lacing on the leather hood and gag. I always get a little claustrophobic and even scared as I push in the huge gag and begin to tighten the laces. The claustrophobia passes in a few minutes, but a little fear remains and the excitement starts to build. I then pushed the "on" button to start the video camera and sat down to begin. First I tied each leg to the chair legs and cinched them up tightly. Can't have things coming undone before its time. I then ran a rope around the chair back, ran both ends thru my crotch, around the chair back and thru again for several trips. When tightened , this rope has the dual function or cinching my butt tightly to the chair back, and also helps keep my legs apart so I can't squeeze my cock between them. I then tied my thighs to the chair bottom to complete the lower part. I tied my chest to the chair back and used a cross shoulder tie to cinch myself tightly down into the chair. The moment of truth was approaching, tho, since there wasn't much else that needed tying. The ice had been in place for about 30 minutes, so there were still about 45 minutes to go before the knife dropped. I wasn't sure I wanted to be completely helpless for that long. I decided to get a little closer and see. First I put on the tiny nipple clamps. They don't feel like much at first, but 45 minutes might be a different story if the was no way to change things. Just as well do it right, I thought, as I clamped them into place feeling the first surge of pain and excitement. Now came the real thing. I picked up the wrist loop and zip tie. I put the end thru the locking end and ratcheted it up a little so I wouldn't have to do that behind my back. Then I put my left hand thru the double loop and held the zip tie in place with my fingers while I put my hands behind my back. I then slipped my right hand thru the loop with the zip tie between my wrists. All that remained was to yank on the zip tie to form an cinch between my wrists and I would be totally bound and helpless for at least 30 minutes. I tested my rope job by yanking and struggling any way I could, but I had done it right-nothing moved or loosened. I could jerk the chair around the room some and could easily tip it over if I wasn't careful, but there was absolutely no way to get out of this without a knife if my hands were tied. I pulled some of the slack out of the cinch and tested my wrists again. I could still get them loose and turn back, but just barely. One more yank and I would be permanently tied (for 30 minutes anyhow). Altho' I could see thru the eyeholes of the hood, i couldn't look down enough to see my cock, but I could tell it was rock hard and standing straight up and there was no way I could touch it or rub it against anything. It was already getting pretty frustrating and I wasn't even reallly tied yet. The nipple clamps were getting pretty uncomfortable too. What to do? Taking as deep a breath as the coret would allow, I grabbed the end of the zip tie and yanked it tight. I heard the zipping sound and felt it trap my wrists. No way out now. This was a pretty panicky feeling! I couldn"t get my wrists loose anymore. I could barely move in the chair, couldn't see much thru the eyeholes, certainly couldn't speak, indeed couldn't even make much noise with both the gag and hood in place. I yanked and jumped and bucked in the chair as much as I could, which wasn't much and nearly tipped over a couple of times. By now my dong was throbbing and jumping more than I was, aching for some sort of touch or friction, but there was no way of doing that for quite a while. I tried to calm down, thinking that I could patiently work one hand out of the wrist loop. It was a good plan, but very difficult to inplement, since my hips wouldn't stop jerking and straining against the ropes trying to find some way of getting some pressure or at least contact on my frustrated, straining cock. I soon found that the cinch had done its job perfectly. There was no slack in the wrist rope and absolutely no way out till the knife came down. I checked the clock again. Still about 25 minutes to go. I had only been in this fix for about 6 minutes and I was already about to go nuts, partly from fear and partly from sexual frustration, neither of which was getting any better. I tried getting the chair up on one side in hopes of slipping the ankle rope off the end of the chair leg, a futile maneuver which nearly made me fall over, which I was not really anxious to do since it would make getting to the knife much harder. As another wave of panic hit me I began bucking and jerking the chair around, scooting around the room and yanking against the ropes with absolutely no positive results. I did get some negative results tho,- I overbalanced the chair and tipped over and backwards to boot. Nothing was injured, but lying on my hands and arms under a chair back was pretty painful. I hadn't figured on being on my back like a turtle. The first task was to get over on my side. This was a little difficult since I had no leverage on anything, but after several attempts I was able to push with my hands enough to roll over. I began to wish that I had fallen over the first time. By now I had jumped the chair about 10 feet further from the knife. That started to look like a long way. At least on my side I was a lot more comfortable, even if it was no more escapable. I still had no chance without the knife. I craned my neck to see the clock. Still about 15 minutes to go. Now in addition to my other problems, the nipple clamps were really starting to hurt as well as stimulate me (as if I needed any more stimulation). I was really getting antsy to get free and relieve my frustrations. I tested my ropes every way I could think of bringing me to the realization that even when the knife fell, I might have a whole lot of work to do to scoot over to where I could get my hands on it. I strained mightily to get the ankle ropes off the ends of the chair legs. They would get so close, but just wouldn't quite make it. After working all the ways I could in the ropes, I was finally able to scoot a few inches at a time toward where the knife would be. It was somewhat of a relief to discover that I could make it to the knife , however slowly. I struggled mightily as much as I could trying alternately to find a way to rub my cock and trying to find some way to escape. I finally got so tired and sweaty that I tried to give and wait for the ice to melt. In my nerve-jangled condition, this didn't work for long either. I resumed bucking and straining and thrusting as much as theropes would allow, only becoming more hot and frustrated. Finally the knife fell and I began my 15 foot journey, three inches at a time. After about 10 more minutes and a lot more struggling and sweating, I finally felt my hand close around the knife and with some fancy manipulation, I cut off the wrist loops. Finally free! Next I hurried to get the hood and gag off. This was a huge relief in itself. The clamps came next and as I expected it hurt like HELL taking them off. Everything else came off easily allowing me to take care of the problem between my legs. This seemed to produce a 10 megaton explosion and seemed to last forever A short rest and a long hot shower were welcome and allowed me to consider my next bondage evening. But- that's another story---for later. next time, Rockettt