Self-Bondage Safety

All self-imposed bondage scenarios should have some type of emergency release. Here are a few safety ideas;

(1) One of the most reliable methods of backup in the case of something going wrong is this; you have a second set of keys or knife attached to a bucket of oil or paint, sitting out of reach on a shelf or in the closet. This bucket has a rope securely attached and is accessible to you at any time. In the event of something going wrong, the rope can be pulled and the extra set of keys can be retrieved, but with a cost. Reliability - Excellent

(2) A friend or relative with a set of house keys, scheduled to arrive later. In this case, if the self-bondage session went well, you would be at the door to greet them, otherwise they would be able to release you. This method depends greatly on what the circumstances of your relationship are, but in general is not recommended as a primary backup.

(3) A second set of keys on second delay method, scheduled to release much later than the first. This is probably the safest route to take, although if the first method failed, you should consider having backup #1 in addition to this one. Reliability - Good

(4) A nearby phone with speed dialer. This is always a good thing to have in the first place. An easily reached button on the phone is programmed with the local emergency number. Reliability - Good

Some thoughts on the ideal preparation for self-bondage...

Half the fun is in the planning. Take your time and really think out your self-bondage scenario beforehand. This preplanning will serve as a checklist of what will happen, how long, how you will be released and what do do if something goes wrong.

Experiment with different time-release devices if you�re going to employ them, and measure them as to release time.

Be completely confident in releasing yourself from your restraints and the reliability of your delay devices. Practice unlocking those handcuffs and unlocking those padlocks until you're positive you can do it when you're blindfolded, gagged and the circulation has completely left your hands.

Make sure your restraints don�t cut off your circulation or hamper breathing in any way. Rope can slip and cause problems. Handcuffs not double-locked can tighen and become very unbearable.

Breath control in general should not be practiced, and that includes any gags or trainer harnesses that you cannot breathe through or around. This includes corsets and cinchers and collars. This also includes improperly placed bedding and pillows as well...!

Alcohol or drugs should not be used, for obvious reasons. You are the only one you have to count on, and you better be able to depend on yourself.

Once you're ready to begin, make absolutely certain those backups are in place and ready.

Drink water. If you've set yourself up for a good length of self-bondage, you will get thirsty.

Remember, the whole idea is to plan. The success of the entire session depends on how well you've planned everything.

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