Saturday Night (?)

By unknown author ( Blanketw ? )

I decided that self bondage was getting a little too tame and that I needed to take more risk. After having practices self bondage for over 30 years I had done just about everything possible. I had hidden keys in mailboxes, other rooms, outside, in elevators of hotels etc. Now was the time to put my trust in another human being.

Knowing that my wife was going to be away for a week visiting her sister in another state, I put my plan into action. She left Saturday and would not be back until the following Sunday. I was home alone. Saturday night I got dressed and went to a neighborhood pub which I occasionally stop into for a drink.

This night I was going to a specific reason. I was going to put my faith in one person, a complete stranger, and trust that she would pull me through my self bondage.

This particular tavern does not attract too many women but on Saturday night there is usually a crown which gathers to dance and listen to country music. This Saturday was no exception. As I entered the tavern I first ordered a beer and then looked around to see who was there. I did not see anyone that I recognized and so I sat at the bar and drank two or three beers and ate an order of hot chicken wings. Around 10:00 PM a long legged blonde entered the bar and sat down near the end by herself. After about 10 minutes I moved over next to her and introduced myself. Of course I bought her a beer.

Her name was Kelly. She was pleasingly plump with long smooth blonde hair and a beautiful complexion. She had a wonderful smile which left my heart in a completely melted fashion. I love a woman with a nice smile. Her eyes sparkled and her supplant breasts pressed out her pull over sweater so that my imagination was able to see every detail of her naked body beneath her clothing. After talking for an hour and a dance or two I decided that she was the "victim" I would chose for my self bondage adventure.

I told here that I was involved with self bondage and explained that I had an obsession to tie myself up and be helpless until someone came along and set me loose. Her reaction was skeptical to say the least. She said that she was not interested in that sort of thing. I went on to explain that I understood but that it was still one of the things I enjoyed. I also told her that I enjoyed making love to a beautiful woman like herself and that I could take her into ecstasy far beyond where she had ever been. I could make women come two or three times before I ever finalized the sexual encounter by coming myself. She said that she did not believe me.

At this point I gave her an envelope with my address on it. She did not know I but inside the envelope was a key, the key to my handcuffs. I told her to bring the envelope to the address printed on the outside at 2:00 AM. I told her that my life depended on her showing up. She said she would think about it. I gave her a kiss and begged her one more time not to disappoint me.

Then I left. It was now about 11:00 PM. I went home to begin my adventure in bondage. I was going to depend on her coming and setting me free. I did not even know her but I had a pretty good faith that she would not let me down. I made sure that the front porch light was on and that the front door was unlocked.

The bondage scene was simple. I have two pair of handcuffs for which I had given Kelly a key to one set. The keys to the other set were left in the top drawer of my dresser. I laid down on the bed which is a queen size bed with four posts. I removed all of my clothes and lay spread eagle on the bed. I tied each of my ankles to the corner bedposts with heavy rope. I then took the two pair of handcuffs and attached one pair to each of my wrists.

Now came the point of no return. I debated whether or not to do this but my blood was pumping and my dick was super hard. I reached to the corner bedposts and latched the handcuffs to each of the posts at the head of the bed. As I heard the latches click my body pulsated with excitement knowing that I was going to be there for six days if my "Kelly" did not come through. At first a sense of panic whet through me. I told myself that I was stupid. But then I began to fantasize about what Kelly would do to me when she arrived. As time went by I continued thinking that Kelly would not let me down. Through the darkness I could barely see the alarm clock on the dresser. Time went slowly. It was now midnight.

I slept for what seemed to be a full night but awakened about 2:30. Had Kelly tried to visit and I was not awake? No, I am sure I would have heard her. Oh-Oh.......I had told her to be there at 2:00 and it was now 2:30! She was not going to come. I began to fret and think about how I was going to survive for six more days. I had no way to escape. The cuffs were locked and the bedposts were too large and thick to ever think about breaking. I was stuck and I was beginning to really get worried. I had gotten into this by drinking a few beers at the tavern and after I returned home I downed several shots of bourbon to give me "courage". By the time I had bonded myself to the bed I was rather drunk. Now I was sobering up and reality was coming back. I was scared! The clock now said 3:00 AM.

About 4:00 AM I heard a noise at the front door. Was it Kelly? Was it a burglar? The door opened and I heard low voices but could not tell who they were. Suddenly, the bedroom light flashed on and there standing in the doorway was Kelly and another girl I had never seen before. They both laughed and Kelly said, "See, I told you he would be here."

I was totally humiliated. I had not expected her to bring someone with her. Of course, when I really think about it she would have been pretty stupid to come alone. The girls asked me if I was all right and I said that I was but I needed to be set free. They looked at each other and said, "Should we let him loose?" They came over to the bed where I lay spread eagle and completely naked and one sat on each side of the bed. They examined my body closely and kept asking each other what they should do.

Kelly said that we should let him loose but the other girl, named Chris, said no. Let's torture him first. Chris was a tall brunette with striking features including a perfect ass and large tits. Not as big as Kelly's but Kelly was a more lovable kind of girl. Chris was hard. Not the cuddly type like Kelly. Chris said, "Let's have some fun with him first."

Kelly said "What kind of fun?" Chris said "Let's see if he can fuck us both while he is still tied up. You sit on his lap and I'll sit on his face." I was starting to really get worried. Chris sat on my face until I could not breathe. She moved up and down and her pussy got real wet. My face was completely drenched with pussy juice and I could not see anything. She moved up and down and around and around until my complete face was drenched and entombed in her lower parts. In the meantime Kelly was sucking wildly on my cock.

I was straining at my bonds until my wrists and ankles went numb with lack of circulation. I then felt the warm feeling of Kelly's pussy surrounding my cock. Up and down she jumped while Chris jumped up and down on my face. I was exhausted and I couldn't breathe. I attempted to cry out but could not. I was completely smothered. I was intoxicated by the ravishes of these two beautiful women attacking and violating my body. After it was over I was so exhausted and fell asleep.

When I awoke my hands were free and I was alone. Did I dream this whole thing? I thought maybe until I looked down and saw the ruby red lipstick on my dick. It was a great night and I would recommend it to anyone. How do I top this? BW

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