How to do self blanket bondage.
Materials needed:

  • One or more thick "scratchy" wool blankets. How many will depend on the size of the blanket and the size of you.
  • A good pair of stainless steel handcuffs.
  • Plenty of cotton rope.
Start out by taking off all your clothes in the area of your choice. A bedroom is private. Outdoors is more risky. Lay out the blanket(s) on the floor. Lay down on the blanket(s) so that your body is diagonal to the blanket with plenty of blanket to cover your entire body. Wrap the blanket around your feet and ankles and tie securely with rope. Continue wrapping the blanket around your legs and tie your knees securely with ropes. Continue to the waist and wrap several turns or rope around your waist. At this point take the handcuffs and tie them to the waist rope securely in front of you. (You can also tie the handcuffs behind you. The turn on is better but it is much harder to do). Continue wrapping the blanket around your chest. Pull the corner of the blanket (remember I said you were laying on it diagonally) over your head and neck. Tie the rope around your neck to secure the blanket as a hood. Gags and ear plugs are optional. You will not need a blindfold because you cannot see through the thick wool blanket. Now Jake a short piece of rope and loop it through the waist rope and to the neck rope or something else. This rope will be needed later to fasten the second handcuff. With your left arm inside the blanket push your fist up just above the waist rope until you make a bulge in the blanket. With your other hand work the blanket around until you can fasten a handcuff around your wrist and through the blanket. When done your hand will be immobilized inside the pocket created by the blanket inside the handcuff. The other hand is a little more difficult. This is where that rope comes in. Make a pocket in the blanket with your other hand and work the rope around your wrist so that it creates a tight loop at your wrist. Work the other handcuff onto this loop around the wrist and flip it over until the handcuff closes. At this point your are completely trapped[ and will have an instant orgasm. How hard it is to get out depends on where you put the key to the handcuffs. I have hidden the key across the room so that I have to roll and scoot until I find it. It is very difficult to find because neither of your hands are free and you must feel through the blanket. You also get disoriented as to where you are in the room because you cannot see. You can have three, four, and even more organisms before you are able to release yourself. If you really want to take a big risk you can tie yourself in the same manner but tie yourself to a bed or cot so that you cannot move to go for the key. It is amazing what goes through your mind when there is no apparent means of escape. The bigger the risk, the bigger the orgasm. The more you sweat and the tighter you are bound the better the turn-on. CAUTION - Start out slowly. I have been doing this for years and have gotten so good at it that even I have had to pull back. A partner would be wonderful but I cannot convince my wife to take part in this activity. If fact , she doesn't even know how deep I've gone into this. Fortunately (or maybe not) I have never been caught doing this self bondage. I have, however, been bound for many many hours before I could get loose. As I get older my stamina is not as good as it once was so I don't practice it quite as vigorously as I once did.

Also be careful because you sweat a lot. Depending on the thickness of the blanket it may be hard to breathe. Remember that with a blanket hood your sweat will plug up the pores in the blanket and make it even harder to breathe the more you sweat.

I wonder if there are any women that do self blanket bondage?