Letter from rocketttt
i don't like to use handcuffs because they're too uncomfortable and too
inescapable without the key, besides, i like the feel and tightness of rope.
to bind my wrists to where i absolutely cannot escape without a knife or
something else sharp,  i use a double loop around the wrists that i can just
barely get into with a cinch made with a plastic zip tie.  once you wiggle
your wrists into the loops and cinch up the zip tie , you'd better have
something to cut your way out with, because you won't get out any other way.
then some sort of ice timing mechanism to hold the knife out of reach for a
while really makes it interesting.  you can put yourself into anything you ar
e imaginative enough to think up and agile enough to get into, and all you
have to do is zip the cinch on your wrists and you are tied till the knife is
available.       have safe fun , rocketttt
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