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Author:   Nobody
Date:   1999/01/15

From: wi.127
Subject: Re: Self-bondage
Date: 30 Apr 91 00:46:48 GMT

Perhaps this should really be called: Another note from the Bottiers (#13)-
with the sounds of caution being tossed to the winds...

On Apr 25, Cecilia wrote:

> Topping yourself is tough, but it can be done.  Most of the self-bondage I
> have done is mostly mental in nature, but the physical aspect of it is
> important, too.  It helps if, like me, you are flexible and can contort
> your body easily.  More on this in a moment.

Ahh, there at last is a subject near and very dear indeed to my heart!
I practised self-bondage for many years before I met my husband, as
we've posted about in the past, and I daresay that I've kept my hand
in in the intervening years. Flexibility is a key property, but a
devious creativity and a bit of determination helps as well.

> A question:  for how many people was self-bondage your first bondage
> experience (beyond "let's pretend" tying games, cops&robbers etc)?
> I discovered masturbation at age six.  It wasn't much longer after that
> I started "pushing myself."  I used to do mental tricks, like determine
> somehow how many times I was going to come, and then have to stick to that
> number, no matter how low or high it was (Fate/Luck as the "Top.")  Or the
> classic trick of having to keep from coming until some signal... the egg
> timer, a certain song to come on the radio, until the commercial break...
> Then when I got into a little pain, too, I used to choose objects at
> random (I had various arcane methods of "divining" things) that I had
> to masturbate with.  A shoe, the handle of the scissors, string, a
> leather belt.  Some of them were painful, some weren't.

Both my husband and I practise self-bondage, in varying degrees and at
various times, as an aid to self-release- when the other orders it, is
absent, is too worn out, or is indisposed by being helpless
themselves. I enjoy extremes of compression and tension, and find
those sensations to be every bit as overpoweringly exciting as the
helplessness of an inescapable bondage. I find that I can enjoy the
tightness of a self-induced bondage position every bit as much if I
put myself into it (which pretty well determines that I can then get
_out_), as if my husband applies all his considerable talents to
assuring that I _cannot_ get out.

We enjoy self-bondage in a variety of ways. I often use it whenever my
husband is out of town on business for more than a day or two, all by
myself- or sometimes we play games that involve we binding myself
according to a set of instructions he leaves for me, so that he can
find me when he arrives from work- or occasionally, I have used it to
get myself some additional release after he has exhausted himself,
especially if he has already started the job for me. I find that this
often has the added benefit of arousing his interest again (well,
whatever might be _left_ of it, in any case), as I struggle to apply
the pressures and tensions in just the right way, just to cap off the
evening's (or morning's, or day's) play.

And, through years of experimentation, we have found that the same
general types of sensations stimulate him as well- although not as
strongly as me, it seems.

Both of us find the sight of each other struggling against a tight
hogtie to be most delicious, and I think that the hogtie is the ideal
position to start out with for self-bondage. If one has access to two
pairs of leather cuffs and a caribiner, one can arrange a most
satisfactory starting hogtie. Clip the wrists together behind your
back, roll onto the stomach, and clip in each ankle in turn- and the
deed is done. Most men will find that their limited flexibility will
reguire some struggle to make hands meet feet, which will incidentally
grind their sensitive bits into the carpet in a most pleasurable way.
And escape is a fairly easy thing, as the caribiner is right there for
your fingers to manipulate.

If you are into a greater level of struggle, then use a padlock
instead of the caribiner, and just leave the key on the floor beside
you, or perhaps across the room- and make SURE that you have someone
who will come 'round after a while and let you out, because that can
be a very big struggle indeed. Especially if you add gloves to the
picture. Or a blindfold. One word of caution, though- if you like to
play with gags, these types of scenes can be very strenuous, and you
are very likely to get _very_ winded. Make sure that nothing can
compromise your breathing (we have a wiffle-ball ball gag that I'm
partial to, for solo scenes- it makes me feel very gagged, but I can
still breathe through it- even if I do tend to make a _huge_ mess of
the carpet or bed that way. Try it, and you'll understand.)

Most women will find this a bit lacking in the stimulus department,
though, and will need a bit more oof to really enjoy the ride. I am a
tightlacer, and I always arrange to be laced down- even for my solo
scenes, so I have the compression of the corset to look forward to.
And I have one corset that has a short extension on the busk at the
bottom front, that extends down just past my pubic bone- so if I arch
my back by pulling out with my ankles, I can semi-press all of my good
bits up against it- or at least come tantalizingly close as I
struggle, which I find to be _exquisitely_ exciting.

This is fairly tame, though. To increase the level of stimulus, one
merely has to increase the level of tightness of the pose! Tie the
legs together just below the knees, as an example. I also very much
enjoy adding a crotch rope, or the crotch strap of my chastity, to my
own solo bondages- and I have found that this works marvels on my
husband as well! Here are some ideas that I truly love.

We use flat nylon tubular webbing a great deal, and it is wonderful
for this. I will wrap a 10-or-so foot length around my waist over the
corset several times, and tie it in the center front, pulling out all
the slack as tightly as I can. I then take the two tail ends, and run
them through my crotch, twisting them around so that they lie flat (or
sometimes, twisting them up all the more...), and up in the rear. I
then slide them under the waist wrap, so that the tail ends go all the
way back up to my waist in the rear, and then hang down on the outside
of the waist wrap.

We have a one-way buckle on a ring that my husband got from a
camping-goods store- the mechanism looks for all the world like half a
butterfly hair clip riveted to a metal plate, and the spring-loaded
part allows the webbing to go though one way, but not the other
(unless the release lever part of the butterfly is pressed). This I
fasten to my ankles (for this scene, I usually just tie them together
with a few leather straps or more webbing, for the least slack of all,
and I always tie my knees as well). I then can feed the tail ends of
the crotch strap through between my wrists, and down to the one-way
buckle at my ankles.

This allows me to pull slack out of the waist wrap through the crotch
strap, by straining my legs out, and then pull the slack out through
the one-way buckle as I relax my legs. Repeating this slowly increases
the tightness of the waist wrap, crotch straps, and the tension in my
arms and legs to any level I desire! Not to mention allowing me to
squirm however much I want, or really grind my interesting bits up
against the corset busk and straps, or tug the webbing in between my
lips, or rub my nipples and breasts against whatever I might be laying
on (more interesting if clips are added, of course), and so on and so
on. And release is merely a matter of squeezing the buckle with my
fingers.  There are also a variety of one-way slip knots that my
husband knows, but this buckle apparatus has made it unnecessary for
me to learn them!

This sort of treatment works very well on my husband, as well- and I
find that adding a vibrator right where it will do him the most good,
perhaps lubricated with just the tiniest smear of toothpaste if I'm
feeling obstreporous, and perhaps wrapping the crotch strap around the
base of the vibrator where it protrudes from his rear so that his
struggles tweak it just a bit, can also be used to drive him wild. Of
course, there are all manner of other good bits down there that can be
incorporated into the bondage as well! He tends not to pull as much
slack out of his own hogtie as I do, though- usually I find that I
need to _remind_ him...

We have a large variety of other toys that we can each use to make
these situations more intense and pleaurable, some that we've written
about in the past- but they are generally expensive, hard to obtain,
or not of interest to the casual public. For example, I suspect that
none of you reading this have a knee length corset, so telling you
that using the one-way buckle as a way of simultaneously lacing the
corset ever tighter and tightening the hogtie would be of little
benefit. However, if you do, you'll need to use nylon laces, doubled,
or they'll break, and reinforced eyelets, or they'll pull out- and the
buckle can slip a bit on the thin laces, which can detract from the
scene.  But _oh_, is it delicious!

And there is nothing magical about the hogtie- as I'm sure other
posters will indicate, there are as many favorite poses as there are

Now, if I could just devine a way of tying my own elbows together
behind me in this pose- I find that the added tightness and tension in
my arms and shoulders really helps arouse me, not to mention letting
me concentrate more weight on my breasts, but I have never been able
to dream up any way to do this at all. Any ideas will be graciously

> Go on, PUSH YOURSELF.  See what you can do, don't be afraid to be cruel.
> After all, you'll know the safeword!

How true- how _gloriously_ true. The very best to you and yours!

- Mrs. Bottier