Re: "Damn, Just "Released" Myself from Ties
Author:   jasonc
Date:   1998/12/29
Forum:   soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm


  Philip the Foole wrote:

> Foole: Thanks for the sexy/edgy account of your adventure.  That's an
> interesting self-tie.  I'd like to know more about the "ring device"
> used to take up the slack between the wrists and ankles.  It appears to
> be similar to a double D-ring belt buckle.  When I was a teenager, I
> inadvertently "outed" myself to my parents when they came home early
> during an unexpectedly successful experiment in self-bondage.  Your
> experience is a good reminder that handcuff keys can break, get lost, be
> ungrippable by numb fingers, have the locks placed in an inaccessible
> position, or otherwise fail.  It is a good idea to have a couple of
> redundant "fail-safe" mechanisms such as a sharp knife and a
> time-released key available.  I suggest anyone playing with handcuffs
> might also benefit by learning how to use a bobby pin to "shim" open a
> cuff.  This technique, in which the thin, flat piece of steel is slid
> along the "teeth" of the cuff, only works if the cuff has not been
> double locked.  Of course, if the feeling of *complete* helplessness is
> a major part of your turn-on, it is easy to convince yourself that you
> don't really need the safety nets.  Use them anyway, at least until you
> can find a partner to help you tie those last hard-to-reach knots.

I had trouble with the ring device, so I used a suggestion from
Warhammer's/Sgt Katana's site (now it's error 404 8-(), followed by a quick
trip to Menard's.  I bought a "rope ratchet" ($5-10, which is exactly what it
sounds like, a ratchet pulley, get yourself into a hogtie position, hook that
at the ankle tie, and pull on the free end of the rope. After you get into
this position, the only way out is with a conveniently located sharp object,
someone's help, or by releasing the lock, a nice pair of leather mittens
removes the third option nicely...

> This is a good time to remind any novice self-bondagers that
> self-strangulation play, particularly when combined with self-bondage,
> can *easily* get you killed.  The transition from "light buzz" to
> "unconscious and dead" is quick and imperceptible.

Amen Brother Foole!

> Your Humble Jester,
> Philip the Foole