Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 21:18:15 -0400

To: helpless (helpless)

Subject: Re: zoom bizarre

Hello Helpless: Got your e-mail. It's OK to post my e-mail address. Maybe we'll generate more dialogue. Regarding your question about the lycra used by Zoom-Bizarre, it is the four way stretch. The main difference between the two companies is that the Zoom-Bizarre garments fit better because you can get them to measure. This is particularly noticable in the attached gloves. I have long fingers and thin wrists and the Zoom product just fits better. Here's a self-bondage event I just had. I had a half day and it was storming, so I thought I would "indulge". I got everything ready and made sure all the doors were locked. I then put on my black lycra body suit, leaving the hood hanging down on my chest. Next I cuffed my ankles with 2" wide leather hobbles and locked them on with padlocks. There is a connecting chain which limits my steps to about six inches. Next I put on a leather waist harness and cinched it tight. The harness has a crotch piece that covers the genitals, extends between the legs and attaches to the waist harness with three straps in the front and one in the back. It can be cinched very tightly. There are also two straps attached to the back of the crotch piece that are pulled around the buttocks, and attached to the waist harness on each side of the harness. These are also adjustable and when pulled tight, lift and push out the buttocks. When I was sure everything was adjusted properly, I proceded to gag myself. I folded two bandanna type handkerchefs into a ball and inserted them into my mouth. Two really fill my mouth and keep me from closing my jaws fully. I then put locking cuffs on my wrists but did not lock them. I took a separate lycra hood and pulled it over my head. I then pulled the suit's hood over my head and zipped the suit closed. At this point I could distinguish a little light but not much. I could not make out any objects. I then felt for my leather discipline helmet and put it on. I laced it closed and tied the laces off. The helmet has a flap that zips closed over the laces and locks to a collar. Once this is closed and locked, there is no way to remove the helmet even if your hands are free. I locked the collar shut and proceded to tighten three leather straps attached to the helmet ( one around the eyes, one around the mouth and the last one from the chin to the top of the head. These straps really immobilise the head and force the gag deeper into the mouth, while clamping the jaws shut. Speech is impossible and the only sound that can be detected is through the nostrils. At this point, I felt around for the last two padlocks and locked my wrists to my waist harness in the front. I can lock my wrists to the back of the belt, but it is much harder to unlock the locks and with the hood on, I decided to not push my luck. So there I was, bound, gagged and sightless. The padding of the hood even reduces hearing to a minimal level. I knew the keys were safe on the bathroom counter, so I decided to explore the house. I thought to lie down on the bed, but with my wrists shackled so close to my body and my feet chained so close together, I thought I might not be able to maintain my balance when I tried to get up. I therefore headed slowly to the living room where my reclining chair was. Bouncing off walls and furniture, I finally located the chair and sank into it. It is somewhat higher than the bed and easier to get up from. I sat there and attempted to induce an orgasm to relieve my aroused cock. Alas, the crotch piece is made of very stiff leather, and while it kept me aroused I couldn't get my fingers past it's defenses to complete the job. I sat there frustrated and tried fantisizing, to no avail. I thought I heard a noise at the front door and realized with a shock that the chair was visible from the door. It was late afternoon and normally the living room is dark so that it would be unlikely that anyone would notice anything unless they detected motion, so I tried to remain very still. I then remembered that my security system turns my living room lights on at 5:00 PM and if it was after 5 which it well could be, I would be easy to spot. I sat very still, hardly daring to breath, trying to detect any further noise with my limited hearing. Finally I decided that if anyone had been there, they would have rung the bell, so I figured it was my imagination. Nevertheless, I decided to return to the bedroom. I started to get up, and realized the chair was not as easy to get out of as I had thought. I knew that if I fell, with my hands locked so close to my body I would have no means to get back on my feet. I sat at the edge of the chair trying to calm myself and regain control of my breathing which had become quite labored. My heart was racing and I knew I had to relax or I wouldn't be able to function at all. Finally I calmed down and remembered that the chair was almost touching a cocktail table which was higher than the chair. I reasoned that if I could get on to the table, I would have enough leverage and balance to then stand up. I edged over to the side of the chair and with my heart racing, transfered myself to the table. I sat there for a few more minutes and finally was able to stand. I then retraced my steps back to the bathroom and found the keys to unlock my wrists. I realized that I had been right in not locking my hands behind me, for that would have really made a tense situation worse. Anyhow, I took the rest of the restraints off and brought myself to climax while I was still gagged and hooded. When I finally took the hood off, I realized that it was after 7:00 PM, so the living room was lighted and if anyone had come to the door, I would have been in plain view. That possibility made the adventure even more exciting! Southbound