Letter from Swede
Hello helpless!
I don't belive that I can write some god stories but mayby U would liket
to here some of my experiencis whit self bondage anyway. U have to
appologice for my pore spelling since I'm from Sweden and cant even
spell corect at my home language.

So here are I short telling of a intense experienc.

I'm married and some times I tie my self so my wife will find me. This
was one of those ocations, my wife was putting our doughter to bed and I
had bought some gloing in the dark condom that I wanted to show for her.
So I thought that it would be nice if she would find me spread eagle on
the bed with a glowing .

So I used bathrobes belts to tie my ankels to each bedpost of our king
size bed. To bound my hands I used a chain that was locked to one
bedpost to the center of the headboard where I had conected I dog leach
to the other side. That way my hands would be securly fasten in the
middel of the bed with the hand cuffs that was locked in the end of the
chain. The tension would make it quite hard to disconect the leach and
make it possible to reach the keys on side of the bed. Whith my ankels
tied it would be impossible to reach to the side of the bed even if I
could disconect the leach.

So after I had gaged my self whit a ballgag and blindfolded me whith a
piece of rubber. ( I have used a old bicycle tier to do a rubber
blindfold of). I fasten my hands and started to wait for my wife. But
this was one of the evenings when our doughter just didn't want to
sleep. After about half a hour I started to feal quite sorry for my wife
hos patience started to wear out. I realy started to strugle to get free
so I cold take over for her. But I had been quite good at my bounding so
I was stuck. The only thing i could reach was the bedpost that my left
ankel was tied to and since I hadn't thougt i would be posible to do
that I had used a slip knot to fasten it to the post. Now I tried to fre
my ankel by pulling in the lose end of the belt.

To cut it short I was very frustrated over being so fast to lock my self
down and mabe have our doughter in our bedroom soon. To my luck I
succided in freing my self after almost an hour of strugling. I helped
my wife and after I explaind why it took me so long before coming to her
rescue. So beeing the nice wife she is she told me to go and tie my self
up agin and the she had some fun with the gloing in the dark "thing"

Thank U for a inspiring site with alot of fun reading and tips.

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