Letter from Tau

Great site - I'm glad I found it and glad to know I'm not alone.

I have found a very reliable method of self-bondage that I can use in a
variety of combinations.

As we all know, the main part of any self-bondage is the immobilisation of
the hands.  My method is very simple - but extremly effective.  Take a
small length of slim rope (less than a quarter of inch thick) and make a
noose at each end.  The nooses must be big enough to comfortably get your
hands through.

Lying on your back, put the noose over one wrist (say left wrist) and
tighten it firmly. Now place the left arm behind your back so that your
left wrist is stretched as far as possible to your right-side waist.  Using
your free right hand - take the rope and lay it across your stomach with
the noose on the other end hanging over your waist on the left side.  Now
place your right arm behind your back, stretching until you can place your
hand through the unused noose.  A small tug with your arms will ensure that
the noose is firm around both wrists.  Obviously, the length of rope
required will vary depending on your body size.  It doesn't take much
experimentation to get a size that leaves a very minimal amount of free

Trying to open doors like that is very difficuly, depending on the height
of the door handles.

The above is the basics - but obviously, a number of additions can be
included - blindfold, gag, nipple clamps, ankle and knee bondage and of
course, cock or pussy bondage that can be further aggravated by any leg

Escape for me utilises the 'key in the icecube' method (described on these
pages).  Usually I have two keys - one that will drop to where I want it
after a predetermined amount of time, the second in a larger block of ice
that is freely accessable - but will take make longer to thaw.  The key
being for the bedroom door that I have locked before commencing.  

After getting the key, the problems aren't over yet.  I need to unlock the
the bedroom door - which can be very painful - depending on restrictings
placed on the height of my wrists by cords going from my nipple clamps to
my knees.  Then I must hobble to the kitchen and find a knife or a pair of
sissors to cut the bonds that secure my wrists.

I have also found that bondage and mild pain (nipple clamps) are a tremdous
turn-on, but after a climax, pain is pain and bondage is a nusciance - so I
further humiliate myself by placing any mirrors that I have on my path to
escape - just to ensure that I am aware of how ridiculous that I look and
to remind myself that my brain is controlled from somewhere between my legs!

Hope this is of interest to some of your readers.

Best Regards


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