Time Out

by Soloist

The woman stood with her eyes shut tight, tears on her 
cheeks.  She had designed and built the device, now she was 
its prisoner, held captive by her own body.

She stood with her legs held spread, with her arms straight 
out from her sides locked to cords extending to the 
mechanisms on the walls.  The waist and crotch straps held 
the vibrator tightly in her cunt with bristles against and 
massaging her clit.

She was wet with her own sweat. She had no idea how many
orgasm she had had, but wanted it to end.  The vibrator did 
not care what she wanted, it would keep her climaxing as 
long as she did not stop it. And she could not stop it until 
she freed herself.  She was past wondering what would happen 
if it never stopped.

All she had to do to free herself was to hold her arms out, 
steady and not pull on the cords attached to the wall for 
five minutes.  Every time one of the cords was pulled, the 
five minute timer was reset.  If she held steady for the 
full five minutes, the mechanisms on the wall would release 
the cords and she would be free.

She felt sure she had been holding her arms steady for close 
to five minutes.  Then the sensations built up in her cunt 
and clit and she knew she was approaching another orgasm.  
As the feeling increased she fought to hold her arms steady. 
She had to get free!

Her hips began moving in an uncontrollable dance as the 
climax grew nearer. Still she held here arms steady.  She 
was in a race, the timer against how long could she hold off 
the orgasm.

Then the orgasm hit her, he whole body going into spasm, 
only held in place by the cords locked to her wrists.  As 
her arms jerked the cords, she moaned and fresh tears came.  
She knew she was trapped for yet another cycle.

The woman stood writhing, struggling against her bonds, 
sobbing, crying for the orgasm to end so the timer could 
start and she could try again to free herself.