The Trial Run
You Can Try This at Home

by Soloist

When you are in bondage, the is no such thing as

Like everyone really into masturbation, I am
constantly looking for the ultimate sensation and
orgasm.  Which often means you are looking for new and 
better ways to use vibrators.  This search lead to the 
development of what I called the ultravibe.

The heart of the ultravibe is a penis vibrator.  I 
took three equal lengths of velcro, the side with the 
hard nubs and folded over and stabled the ends so the 
ends could be slid onto the vibrator arms.  The length 
of the strips depend upon the size of the individualís 
cockhead. Both ends of the velcro strips are slipped 
onto the arms of the penis vibrator, the strips criss-
crossing each other to form a pouch with the nubs on 
the inside.  The length of the strips are such that the 
pouch formed, not including the vibrator arms, just 
surrounds the cockhead when the cock is fully erect

I cut the hook and twisted section off a regular 
wire clothes hanger.  I straightened the wire out, then 
bent it in half.  Placing the wire on a flat surface, I 
bent the wires up to right angles about eight inches 
back from the open ends.  Next, I opened the center 
bend slightly and then bent the sections of the wire 
between the center bend and the right angle bends to 
bring the wire ends together to fit through the two 
holes in the body of the penis vibrator.  The wire 
assembly could then be strapped to my stomach and the 
ultravibe slid along the wire from the open ends of the 
wire onto the cockhead.  The wire will support the ul-
travibe while permitting it to slide freely as the cock 
changes size.  And when laying on my back, the 
ultravibe will ride on my cockhead, steadied by the 

Experimenting with the ultravibe, I discovered the 
fantastic sensations it produced in my cock.  Running 
it at slow speed, I found that I could only tease 
myself for a short time, then could not keep from 
speeding it up for a pretty wild orgasm.  Also after I 
climaxed, my cockhead was so sensitive that I could not 
stand the extreme feeling and had to stop the 
ultravibe.  Of course, I started fantasizing about the 
torment of a continued teasing, leading up to orgasm 
and then being unable to escape the extreme sensation 
following my climax.  The very thought of having to en-
dure these extreme sensations beyond my being able to 
normally bear them really excited me.  This cried out 
for self bondage.  I would have to put my self in 
restraints so that I would helpless, unable to escape 
the vibrator.

I planned my bondage party and gathered the fun 
stuff needed: a second penis vibrator, two DC power 
supplies, two digital timers, an electric solenoid, and 
a six outlet power strip with cord to plug everything 
into.  I had replaced the vibratorís batteries with the 
DC power supplies.  Also, I had my wrist and ankle 
cuffs, locks and a short chain.  My bed had ropes at 
the foot with snap hooks to secure my ankle cuffs.  The 
was also a rope at the head of the bed with a loop at 
the upper end and secured to the center leg under the 

I put on my wrist and ankle cuffs, stretched out 
on the bed and attached the snap hooks to my ankle 
cuffs.  My legs were now held wide, but not 
uncomfortably apart.

I strapped the wire guide to my stomach and slid 
the added penis vibrator down the wire onto my cock, 
locating it at the base of my cock.  I had the idea 
that this vibrator might add even more zing to my 
ultimate orgasm and after orgasm torment.  The ul-
travibe was then slid down the guidewire to capture my 

I connected one power supply to the ultravibe only 
and plugged it into the power strip.  The second power 
supply was connected across both vibrators in series. 
The first power supply would set to run the ultravibe 
alone at a relatively low speed.  The second power 
supply would run both vibrators at a higher speed.  
This second power supply was plugged into one of the 
timers.  The plan was to have the ultravibe run at the 
low speed, only teasing my cockhead, until the timer 
turned on the second supply, running both vibrators, 
attacking my entire cock, at a higher speed.  I planned 
to set the low speed just short of strong enough to 
bring me to orgasm, providing a prolonged, completely 
frustrating tease.  The higher speed would be set just 
strong enough to finally bring me to a slow, deep, mind 
blowing orgasm.  The power strip, power supplies, and 
timers were all located on the night stand, within 
reach until I was secured in my bondage.

To secure my upper body, I padlocked my wrist 
restraints near the center of a short length of light 
chain.  To completely immobilize myself, I would put 
the chain around my neck (loose, no choking) and 
padlock the ends behind my neck to the rope that was 
tied to the bed leg.  The chain length and position of 
my hands was such that I could not reach anything but 
the locks and my very sensitive nipples.  The common 
key to the padlocks was on a ring held out of reach by 
the solenoid with a light thread running over within 
reach of my hands.  The solenoid was controlled by the 
second timer.

All was set.  The ultravibe would run at low speed 
first, exciting and teasing me.  I had set the first 
timer for one hour.  Then this timer would turn on the 
second power supply, kicking the vibrators up to orgasm 
speed.  Five minutes later, the second timer would 
operate the solenoid, releasing the key.  For safety, 
the telephone was on the bed and by pulling the sheet, 
it could be reached.  Help was at 911.  I would rather 
not think about what the fire laddies would have to 

I positioned the ultravibe to ensure the velcro 
was in contact with my entire cockhead and hit the 
switch on the power strip, turning on the first power 
supply.  I quickly positioned the chain around my neck 
with the padlock tang through the chain ends and the 
rope loop.  The whole idea had me so excited that I had 
to quickly close the padlock before I could weaken and 
go for the immediate climax. With the snapping of that 
lock I felt that thrill throughout my whole body that 
comes with taking the final, irreversible step in self-
bondage.  As I lay there, a fantastic sensation was 
building in my cock.  It had been erect while I was 
making preparation, but now it swelled and grew, 
lifting and supporting the ultravibe.  The ultravibe 
danced delightfully on my oh, so sensitive cockhead.  I 
just lay there, savoring the excitement of what I had 
started, while the ultravibe started its long tease.  I 
had experimented and played with the ultravibe enough 
to have a pretty good idea of the sensations it 
produced in my cock.  The longest I had been able to 
hold off bringing myself to orgasm was about ten 
minutes.  Now I had committed myself to one full hour 
of the ultravibes teasing torment, with no escape and 
no control.

Excruciating sensations were building in my cock 
and radiating through my entire body.  It felt like 
many tiny, pointed fingernails were each gently 
scraping a different spot on my cockhead. And the 
entire skin surface of my cockhead was being so treated 
at the same time.

I was squirming and writhing on the bed.  There 
was no way that I could control myself.  I started 
wondering if I had gotten in too deep this time.  While 
I had long fantasized about being forced to endure 
unendurable pleasure sensations, I never really 
expected it to happen.

Then I felt myself approaching a climax. I didnít 
want it so soon, but there was not a thing I could do 
about it.  I just kept slowly building to a peak.  I 
was completely helpless.  But when I reached the point 
just short of climax. I hung there!

I just stayed there, held at the point of climax, 
but unable to attain the orgasm. I was completely and 
increasingly frustrated, if that is possible.  I was 
squirming and writhing on the bed, my body screaming 
for the relief of an orgasm.  I stroked my nipples, 
feeling that extra sensation clear down in the head of 
my cock, but still unable to go over the edge.  What 
had I done to myself?  What I was experiencing could 
only be described as exquisite torture.  And I was 
completely helpless to do anything about it.  There was 
no escaping this.  I had set the utravibe speed better 
than I had ever expected.

Then the sensations eased off slightly.  I was 
still experiencing excruciating sensations, but not 
quite at the climax point.  Not quit as mind blowing.  
I felt that I could at least endure what was happening 
now.  Then I felt myself peaking again.  I was back at 
the point of orgasm, unable to complete it.  This was 
fast becoming unbearable, but I had no choice.  I was 
going to bear it for the rest of the hour, no matter 

It kept coming in waves.  I had no idea how long 
between, how long at the peak, or how time was passing.  
I had turned the timers to I could not see them.  As I 
approached a climax my cock would swell in preparation 
of exploding.  But when it swelled, it pressed tighter 
into the velcro nubs, dampening the vibratorís effect 
just enough to prevent the orgasm at this low speed.  I 
would hang at this level for a time, then my cock would 
relax just enough to increase the effect of the 
ultravibe and start the whole sequence over.  My cock 
was in a self-teasing mode that was driving me mad.  
And adding to the bondage effect, I had no idea how 
much longer this exquisite frustration was going to 
last.  It just continued, slow wave after wave of mind 
blowing sensation and frustration.  My own cock was 
actually adding an unexpected twist to my torment!

Finally, I was in a world that consisted entirely 
of my cock and the sensations that spread from it 
throughout my body.  Nothing else existed for me 
anymore.  I both wanted it to end and at the same time 
never wanted it to.  I was in ecstasy and hell at the 
same time.  And I was more excited than I ever imagined 

After forever, the ultravibe went to the higher 
speed.  The higher speed was just enough to slowly 
bring me to orgasm.  First, I was brought to the point 
of climax yet again but this time slowly carried over 
the edge.  It had to be two full, fantastic minutes 
from going to high speed to finally exploding.  And ex-
plode I did.  This was the most fantastic orgasm ever.  
I was bouncing up and down on the bed, completely out 
of control, my whole body in spasm.

Then came the next part of my torment.  
Immediately after I ejaculate, my cockhead is super 
sensitive.  Normally, I canít even keep stroking it at 
that point.  This time, a lot more than stroking was 
happening to my cock, and there was not a thing I could 
do about it while the ultravibe continued its merry 
dance.  All I could do was lay there writhing and 
straining at my bonds, trying not to scream.

Finally the solenoid clicked and the key dropped.  
It was hard pulling the key in and inserting it in the 
wrist padlock the way my body was still twitching and 
spasming.  Finally I freed my hands and cut the power 
to the vibrators.

I could only lay there, completely limp, thinking 
of what I had done to myself.  How my entire body had 
screamed and spasmed in frustrated torment, enduring 
sensations that were beyond description.  This was self 
bondage is it was meant to be.