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Like all TV's, I love to exhibit myself in skimpy, sexy little things.

Usually, they are scandalously short dresses. I'll wear almost anything in this category to malls, clubs, and hotels. It's nice to watch the men admiring me as I clatter past on my 5" heels. It's even nicer to see teenage girls' reactions. At first, they snicker a little: see the man wearing the dress. Then, they start to wonder just a bit if they'll look this good when they've finished growing up.

Sometimes, they are leather or latex outfits. I don't usually wear these to malls. But I have been known to wear some rather risque outfits to clubs and even around hotel lobbies.

But, occasionally, I need to wear something more exciting. Something more daring. Something less covering.

This was one of those nights.

Over the years, I have learned that I can "chicken out" when I most need the courage to go through with my plan. So, I have developed some good techniques to insure obedience.

Tonight, I used one of those methods to take myself further than I have ever been before.

My selected outfit for the night was as simple as it was inappropriate for wearing in public. It was simply a black lace set: a bra with fairly good bust coverage (to help hold and hide my breast forms) and a garter belt holding up some sheer black seamed stockings. I added a pair of silver thong panties to hold my bulge in and stick my ass cheeks out, and a pair of 6" ankle strap sandles in black patent leather.

To accessorize, I went glamorous. A complete rhinestone set: necklace, dangle earrings, bracelet, and anklet; black lace shorty gloves; and my longest wig: jet black and straight down to the small of my back. My makeup was glossy, bright, and heavy.

For the drive into the city, I "covered" myself with a trench coat. It was better than nothing, but not much. What if I was stopped? What would the cop think? What if I got into an accident?

Nothing happened, and I arrived safe and sound downtown. It was almost midnight; the perfect hour for strutting my stuff.

I drove around for a while until I picked my spot. Right near the corner of Howard Street and 5th Street looked good. I got out, relishing the feeling of wearing nothing but lingerie. Already my cock was hard thinking about all the men I could be arousing.

Finding a nook, I popped my spare car key into it. It would be safe here.

Getting back in my car, I again started driving. Finally I settle on 11th and Harrison. There were a few customers from the clubs on the street. They would be closing soon, and there would be a lot more pedestrians out.

I'd better hurry.

Getting out, I surveyed the street for people. I could see a few already noticing me. Time to "lock" myself in to my plan.

I opened up the trunk, then locked the car.

Putting the keys and coat in my trunk and closing it sealed my fate.

To get my other key and get back to the safety of my car, I had at least 20 blocks to walk practically naked.

Unless I decided to take a detour....

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