Letter from GT - two pieces of ice

Well, I did it. I did a self-bondage where I couldn't get loose until the ice melted. Until today, I hadn't had the nerve to try anything where I couldn't either untie myself or use the key which was handy. I have done self-bondage, however, in the pool in broad daylight (see other letter).
Today, since I had at least five hours before anyone would come home, I decided to go for it. After locking all the doors and gathering up my stuff (hidden, of course), I stripped naked. Next, I locked on my "chastity" device.
I had gotten some ideas from Altairboy's site, and have made a crude, cheap, and reasonably effective chastity cup. I had bought a protective cup from Kmart, which I have modified by cutting a slit in the upper area about a half inch from the edge. I also got a 45 degree 1" pvc elbow piece and endcap from the hardware store. The end and elbow piece are superglued together, with electrical tape reinforcing the glue. A 1/2" diameter hole is drilled into the end of the cap. This is where my flaccid penis goes. This piece is attached to the cup with tightly wound plastic zip locks. Yes, I know, plastic can be cut. But this is basically my introduction to chastity, and self-imposed, at that. I pushed my cock and balls through a 2" metal ring, then used the pantyhose trick to insert my dick into the pvc pipe. Pushing up on the ring from under my balls, I was able to bring the ring through the slot on the protective cup, which I then secured with a small padlock. This device won't come off until I unlock the padlock, so I put the key in a drawer where I would not be able to reach it until after my bondage session.
I knew I would now need some kind of stimulation, so I greased up my anus and inserted an inflatable, vibrating butt plug. Now plugged in the back and locked away in the front, I was ready to strap myself to a chair. I had placed the chair in our walk-in closet, along with the handcuffs, nipple clamps, blindfold, penis gag, and assorted belts and ropes. From the closed door three feet behind the chair was a knee-high pantyhose with two cubes of ice in it. Above the ice was a heavy snap ring, to which were attached the handcuff keys. This snap ring was tied by two long strings to each clothes rack, so that, when the ice melted and the snap ring fell off the pantyhose, the key would, hopefully, swing down to the back of the chair, where I would, hopefully, be able to reach it and unlock my cuffed hands. As soon as the key was in place, I got busy.
First, I strapped each ankle to each forward leg of the chair with a belt. Next, I used two long belt-like straps to secure my upper thighs, just above the knees, and around my calves just below the knees, to the chair, as well. I used a twenty-five foot rope to secure my torso to the back of the chair, tying it as tightly as I could by sucking in my gut. Next, I attached two nipple clamps, connected by a chain, to my tits. Now, my homemade gag: a Doc Johnson realistic penis-shaped butt plug attached to a small belt. This is a realistic-looking penis, with veins on the fat underside, and a textured, mushroom head. (Are all you cocksuckers out there getting a hard-on??) Finally, I placed a blindfold over my eyes, so I could not see the dripping ice in the mirror in front of me. The only item remaining is the handcuffs. I quickly snap my left wrist into one cuff. Now, the moment of truth....
Picture the scene: I am bound securely to the chair, a rope around my waist, criss-crossing my chest, tightly tied with a knot in front, preventing me from bending down, turning around, or moving more than an inch or two. My legs are strapped to the chair legs, and I cannot straighten them out. I have just enough leverage to raise the chair up an inch, maybe even enough to tip myself over if I am not careful. My cock and balls are sandwiched in between my thighs, the rubber edges of the jock protective cup rubbing on my legs. My penis is encased in hard plastic and my balls are somewhat squished. A full erection is impossible, but I can feel some stirrings there. My clamped nipples are beginning to make themselves known. All the while, that vibrating butt plug is buzzing in my ass. Occasionally, I can hear a drip of the melting ice above and behind me. I can free myself now or I can snap my other wrist into the handcuff, dependent only on the melting ice to escape from my predicament. Which will it be??
CLICK!! I've a long wait ahead......
What does one think about while one is helplessly bound?
Will I be discovered? More than once I thought I heard a car come up in the driveway. I did not hear the phone ring or a knock on the door, but, then, I'm tucked away in our closet. Maybe someone is there, now, wondering what the heck I'm doing in here.
Will the ice melting trick work? How long does it take for two pieces of ice to melt? Damn! Why didn't I just use one piece of ice? Suppose the ring gets stuck on the pantyhose and doesn't fall, even after the ice has melted? How long will this be?
You know, I didn't realize that my bound legs would begin to feel somewhat cramped. I can't stretch them or move them from their position. Shouldn't I have done some stretching, first? How about my arms? I don't feel any tingling, but will I be able to manipulate the key in the handcuff lock by the time that ice has melted?
Damn!! WHY didn't I just one piece of ice?
Buzzzzzzzzzzzz (vibrator in my ass is starting to get to me...)
Gee, this cock in my mouth is starting to make me drool. Hope I don't choke on it.
How come, if I'm sweating so much, that ice won't melt real quickly? Oh, jeez, I've got an itch below my left eye!
Squirm...struggle...push...shove...strain...dear heaven, my cock is swelling in my chastity device, and I can feel it trying to get hard. Maybe I'll be able to come while I'm bound? (An hour later, the answer to that is still no.)
Maybe I can scoot the chair back to the door, open the door by reaching back with my cuffed hands, and make that key fall to me? Scoot....Ungh! Jerking around like this reminds me of three things: (1) there's a fat plug in my ass which jams me every time I jump on this chair, (2) the chain connecting the nipple clamps swings and pulls on my nipples, and (3) my balls take a beating under my chastity cup.
Waiting....drip...come on....buzzzzzzzzzzz...ohhhh... drip....MELT!! DAMMIT!!
FINALLY...the ice melts, the key falls, and I free myself....and at last get to jerk off for a most powerful orgasm!!!
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