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Key Dropper Robot

I have tried using ice as a release mechanism. It is simple and sure. But the actual time can be difficult to set. When I saw this robot kit, I slowly realised that this could be what I was looking for: a precise key release system. Also, in the future, its buttons could monitor 2 foot pads, allowing for an enforced journey without going anywhere before release! The possibilities are endless, one could make it monitor 2 upright boots, so the user had to kiss the boots alternately for a preset number of times before release! I am getting wet thinking of all these things! -Linda

Please test your robot before use and have a safety backup method!!!
Check for battery strength!
Also, remember to disable the auto power off in the RCX!!!

(Click the pictures to enlarge)
This is for version 2.0 of the RCX. I do not know how to program the earlier versions. Sorry.
Here is the program. Rename it to KD_sbd01.lsc to load into RCX. I wish to thank Greg for his handyman help in this entire project.

First, make a trap door, with the horizontal teeth to one side.

This is the underside of the trap door.


Basically, this is a little box where the RCX sits on top. Button 1 sets the time in minutes, Button 3 starts the timing. Every six seconds, there is a soft beep to indicate that it is running. After the time has passed, the motor is energized, causing the door to fly off and the keys to drop down.


Loaded with keys, then door is slipped on.


Close up of the motor and door. Hang the box up level at a height you cannot reach while bound.


Door flies off and keys fall down.