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The Last Pull

  14 December 2000
The Last Pull Copyright 2000 Linda Lace (LaceLinda)

Please do not attempt what is in this story.

Patricia laid out all her equipment for tonight's scenario. She wanted to hogtie herself from her ankles to her wrists, with the addition of a rope around her neck to her wrists. Patricia had read all the safety information, but she liked a little choking in her bondage games, so self bondage would be no different. Of course, she would use a bowline instead of a noose for the neck rope. She placed the keys to her cuffs some distance away; she wanted to crawl to her freedom. All over her playroom, she had many coils of rope, some pretied for some scenario.

Patricia tied a ball gag in her mouth. She felt, as usual, a great sexual urge building in her. She knew she had to finish tying herself or she would end up masturbating right there. Patricia tied her ankles, with one leg crossed over the other. She then attached the ring pull rope to her handcuffs. Another ring pull rope went from the cuffs to a bowline loop she had tied from a previous session. From a kneeling position, she pulled the loop over her head and slipped it down. The loop was wide enough, so only the front of her throat would feel the pull. Patricia rolled onto her stomach. She brought her ankles back and tightened its ring pull so there was no slack. Then she pulled the neck one until the cuffs were at her kidney region. By now, she was breathing heavily. She placed her left, then her right wrist, into the cuffs and ratcheted them shut. Patricia wanted more tightness, so she pulled on the neck pull some more. The cuffs went up higher on her back, with the ankles going up also. Patricia tested her bonds by jerking hard on the ankles. It was then she realised to her horror that the neck loop tightened a lot around her neck. How could this happen? Either she took the wrong rope or tied the wrong knot or the right knot the wrong way. Damn! Her heart was pounding hard now. She tried to shuffle forward to the keys, but the loop tightened again. She felt every artery and vein bursting. She kept still. If only she could hold on until John got home...

John found her six hours later. She had died from the strangulation of the noose. The human body cannot remain still in such a position for long. He opened his dresser drawer and pulled out a perfectly tied bowline loop. He placed it in his pocket and left the room.

The End.