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Who am I?

My name is Linda, I was born in 1965 in a little country called Singapore. Welcome to my humble web site where I wish to enlighten fellow bondagers on things I have learnt along the way. I am a switch, enjoying both the dominant and submissive in me. I hope to show things which are not found in other bondage websites.

Please excuse the rough nature of my website. I am still learning...


I grew up watching a British show called, “The Avengers”, with the great Diana Rigg playing a character who gets tied up more often than not. The neighbourhood girls and I would tie ourselves up in our children games, imitating what we saw in the show. At home, I would practice mild forms of self bondage where I just simply blindfolded myself, or tied my legs together.

Later developments

I grew up feeling guilty for these inner needs to be bound and gagged. Only when I went overseas for an education did I research fully why I enjoyed such activities. I learnt a lot through pornographic materials and library books on psychology. This was before the Internet. With the internet, I came across even more literature on bondage. My self bondage became more and more sophisticated and dangerous. Later, I met my boyfriend Gregory through the internet and he has opened more doors in me. I still practice self bondage, sometimes alone, and sometimes with him watching me.

What we enjoy

Self bondage, Japanese bondage, scarf bondage. Mild erotic torture.