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BizSuit Hotel

20:35 14/09/00

This happened some time ago, when I needed to find space for my self bondage. I brought my equipment to a cheap hotel. Once I got into the room, I caressed my breasts through the business suit. I wore a complete outfit with long sleeve blouse and black suit and skirt. To complete the suit, I wore black stockings and high heels. I draped a scarf around my right shoulder as I like scarves.

I took out 3 ice cubes from the room fridge. This will keep the keys to my freedom for at least 2 hours. I then hanged the ice release from a lamp above the bed.

Placing my bag on the bed, I proceeded to take out all the equipment. Slowly, and lovingly, I placed the many coils of rope on the bed, followed by a short length of chain and 2 padlocks, as well as my various bandanas for gagging and blindfolding.

Oops, have to remember to lock the door and put the 'Do Not Disturb' sign out. I did that, and proceeded with the scene.

First, I tied a tight crotch rope with well-placed knots to stimulate the right spots. Next, I tied my ankles and knees together. I tied a 'yoke' which went behind the neck, in front of the shoulders, under the armpits and behind the upper back. This is to connect to the ankles later for a hogtie. I took out the pre-adjusted chest rope and tested it for snugness. Moving myself to a kneeling position, I took the yoke rope and tied it to the ankles. I locked my right wrist with the chain and a padlock. I then gagged and blindfolded myself. Feeling my way around, I slipped my arms into the chest rope. I pushed the chain through the crotch rope behind. This was the moment of truth again. I took a deep breathe, looped the left wrist with the chain and snapped the padlock shut.

Now comes a part which I like to do: fall forwards while hogtied onto the bed. This aspect is like bungee jumping or BASE jumping to me. The blindfold adds to the thrill. I jerk a bit and slam down hard on the bed. Now for the waiting.

After some time, I heard some scrapping sound at the door. My pounding heartbeat could be heard up to my eardrums. What to do? I rocked and wormed my way to the edge of the bed that was nearest to the wall and slipped painfully down.

From my position, I hoped the person coming into the room would not see me. I could hear the door opening and then closing. I could hear some rustling of the bag I brought my gear in. Then I heard some jingling of the keys in my handbag. My heart was ready to burst, when I heard the door open and close again.

I was lucky(?) not to know the ring pull technique in those days. From my position, I could slowly and painfully 'inchworm' myself out of the gap, and then go near the place where the keys will drop. If I had used a ring pull to tighten my hogtie, I would not be able to move an inch. After lots of struggling, I got to the base of the bed where the keys were hanging. But I could not get the keys as they had fallen on the bed! Again, my heart pounded so hard that I felt like fainting. I rubbed the ground hard to get the blindfold off, but no luck. But, I felt my equipment bag on the ground and reached into it, lying on my side. My emergency blade was there! After a lot more contortions and some accidental cuts on my forearms, I cut both the ankle/knee ropes and could standup and feel for the keys. I unlocked myself and took off my blindfold. I quickly took off the rest of the restraints.

My handbag was still there, but my wallet had all of its cash removed. Thank goodness he/she did not take other stuff. Also he/she did not see me in the gap.

I looked at the door and it was still locked. But then I noticed there was an adjoining room door. At least I know the point of entry. I did not dare to turn the knob. How stupid of me not to have locked this door as well.

I shivered all over and sat back down on the bed. After an hour, I washed up and checked out of the hotel. I saw a cleaning lady and she gave me a funny look. Hmmm ... to this day I wonder ...