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Madame Kwazimodo Scenario

Tuesday, 13 June, 2000

"Madame Kwazimodo" scenario

I first got the idea from a plastic modelling shop, where I saw a doll named "Madame Kwazimodo". This was a kneeling girl tied to a board with four ropes to anchor her front, back, and sides. Shown here is the board I had Greg make for me. It is foldable with hinges for easy storage, yet has locking bolts to ensure that it does not bend during play. It has ordinary handles as anchor points.

Do not underestimate the torture value of bathroom tiles. Try kneeling on one and you will know. If you can take the top side, try the bottom, I guarantee you will suffer greatly. :-)

                    Bottom                                                            Top


Hang ice release above board. Have the keys on a string so you can reach them when they fall.
Place bathmats on board
Tie crotch rope
Gag with favourite gag, you will need it when you start to scream and moan!
wear a collar
Kneel on bathmats
Tie collar to each side with ring pull
Tie back of collar to back handle with ring pull
Tie front of collar to front handle with ring pull
Tighten ring pulls until the body is upright and cannot lean in any direction
Handcuff slip under crotch rope
Lock handcuffs
Suffer! :)

If I can convince Greg to allow me to show my photos of me in this scenario, I will post them here. Write to me to pester him!!! For now, here's a picture from the web.