Lillan Gets Bent
Here's a suggestion from K that I tried

K-- Writes:
Heels, ankles and knees looped and cinched. Cruelly and deeply gagged. Butt plug. Arms in front of your body, belt around elbows holding them together, no more than 6" separation. Bend at the waist. wrists go around legs, to behind ankles. A pair of steel handcuffs have been attached to a chain around your ankles with a padlock around the chain between the cuffs. The elbow strap presses at your knees. Lock your wrists into the cuffs. You are now bent over, plugged and gagged, short miniskirt is suggested. Elbows held together by the strap, wrists cuffed to your ankles. The key to the cuffs can be placed outside in a public place, say on the ground in your back yard (if you live in a house) or in your car. You will be forced to hobble, no other motion will be possible. You will be kept captive until you reach the handcuff keys.
Placing the keys in another room would be satisfactory for now. A gag can be fashioned from a lemon placed in the knee of a stocking. The lemon is to be COMPLETELY behind your teeth. The stocking is then tied *tightly* around your head.

Lillan Replies
I have performed your task, Here's what I did.

I began by placing the key to the handcuffs in the bathroom, the room closest to the back of the house. I would begin the adventure in the living room, closest to the front of the house. That way, if anyone were to come to the door while I was maneuvering down the hallway they could look in and see up the back of my skirt (or such was the plan).

Next I went to the kitchen and peeled a small lemon leaving it whole. I slid the lemon into the leg of an old stocking.

Then I proceeded out to the living room where I began the bondage by adjusting a leather belt to the an appropriate length to hold my elbows in place. Next I stripped and put on a bra, and a tight fitting white blouse. Hard with anticipation I brought myself to the edge and then waited before proceeding. I continued by oiling the butt plug and slowly inserting it. It was an effort to relax enough to get it in past the widest part but eventually I succeeded. My excitement escalating, I brought myself to the edge a second time before putting on my panties, stockings and miniskirt. The plug made bending to put on the stockings a slow and deliberate process. Next I stepped into a pair of pumps and fastened my ankles together with a length of rope. I made a pass over each foot and under each arch lest the shoes fall off later. Once my ankles were bound I cinched them with a short chain and padlock. Next came the knees which I bound above and below with another length of rope.

Picking up the lemon in the stocking I began to force it into my mouth. I had overestimated the size of my mouth and the lemon was difficult to get past my teeth. Eventually by compressing it I was able to force it in past my teeth. Compressing it however had the effect of breaking the thin skin that was left on it and the lemon began leaking into my mouth. Fortunately, once beyond my teeth the lemon fit better than I had thought a moment before. At first the stocking dried my mouth until it had soaked up enough saliva and lemon juice. The sour taste of the lemon made my mouth water and by the time I had tied the stocking tightly behind my head I was already fighting to keep from drooling.

Then on to the belt which I slipped over my arms and moved up just past my elbows. Bending over I positioned the belt just above the knees. Next came the padlock and the handcuffs that were waiting at my feet. I locked the chain of the handcuffs to the chain cinching my ankle bonds and then waited. It was the edge of the point to no return. Already I was drooling uncontrollably wetting my shoes and stockings. Finally summoning my courage I locked on the right cuff, then the left.

I stood there bent over for what seemed a long time taking in the fullness of my predicament; letting the helplessness wash over and excite me. Finally I began to move, to test the limits of the bondage. I was surprised to discover that I had even less ability to move than I had expected. Even hobbling was difficult, the belt around my arms making it difficult to move without disturbing the little balance I had. At once I was relieved that they keys weren't outside and at the same time concerned that it may be a very long time before I could maneuver across the house.

In testing the limits of my bondage moving consisted mostly of half inch advances made mostly by twisting on my heels and the balls of my feet. Each movement threatened to throw me on the floor, a position I knew I'd never recover from. Each time I twisted my legs my buttocks tightened, just a little, reminding me of my plugged condition. Within a short time my shoes and stockings were completely drenched. As I drooled around the lemon gag (my jaw aching) the drool would roll up my face, into and around my nose, often into my eyes.

Concluding my mobility test I determined that it wouldn't be safe to try an hobble to the back of the house. If I were to fall I'd have no way to catch myself. Working my near the sofa I allowed myself to fall onto its soft cushions and then safely onto the floor. I assured myself of the impossibility of getting back on my feet.

The trek to the back of the house consisted of alternately squirming along the floor on my side and of inching along on my butt which had the effect of pushing the plug into an uncomfortable position if I wasn't careful.

When I reached about the three-quarter mark of the journey my arms, legs and jaws were all aching. As I lay there I found I could stimulate myself by tightening the muscles in my thighs. I did this until I relieved myself, my panties now slippery and soaked. I lay there resting for quite some time before continuing onward.

When I finally reached the bathroom I quickly unlocked my wrists, which were very sore and untied my ankles and knees. I rested in this state, glad to have my mobility back. Contemplating what I had just accomplished I found I was again in an excited state and decided that I should not have taken my relief when I did. I also make it a general policy to keep my feminine garments as clean as possible due to their cost. (However for this adventure I wore a pair of inexpensive nylon panties expecting they might get dragged along the floor and ruined.) Nevertheless, I had broken at least a rule and a half and decided something needed to be done. I removed the gag, (by this time the lemon was well flattened) and then removed the lemon from the stocking. As restitution I then removed my panties and placed them into my mouth so that they should be clean. I retied the stocking around my head and proceeded to undress, clean, and put my various items away. When all that was finally done I again took relief and only then removed the panties.

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